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Jul 10, 2009 10:03 PM

Best Chinese Dumplings in Auckland New Zealand.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Hiya
    sorry wish I knew somewhere to recommend but I dont! However I happened to see last night on my way into town, a place on Symonds Street called something like "Beijing Dumpling House" and thought I would check it out - so once I have will post! (If you want to check it - its about halfway down Symonds Street - same side and quite near Gemmells Shoe repairs which is 191 Symonds Street

    1. My informant for mainland Chinese food no longer lives in Auckland (and neither do I), but she used to swear by the jiaozi (and the steamed buns) at Steaming Hut in the BNZ Tower food court.

      Near the top of my list of places to try when I get back to Auckland next week is Jolin Shanghai Restaurant (on Dominion Road) and their xiao long bao:

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        Thanks for the tip and great blog Bradleun! I went to jolin last night and tried the xiao long bao - delicious! have always wanted to try this particular type of dumpling so thanks for letting me know where a good example of it is found. I dont know much about regional chinese cuisine but its quite exciting to think auckland now has chinese restaurants that specialise in their region (shanghai, beijing etc) - there particularly seems to be a lot of places doing Shanghai cuisine. Anyway thats my mission this winter - to learn more and try more regional chinese food!!

        1. re: food fascist

          Great that you enjoyed the place! Though in case there's any confusion, it's not my blog!