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Jul 10, 2009 09:18 PM

Frozen Burgers

I have read here that Costco frozen burgers are among the best. I tried them and found them a bit thin but not too bad if BBQ'D. Can I have some other suggestions to keep in the freezer for emergencies?

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  1. Freeze a tray of their freshly ground burgers; they are seriously thick. Cumbrae's also has thick fresh patties, easy to freeze, around $3 each.
    Another option is frozen burgers from
    The box arrives at your door with a chunk of dry ice, and shipping is under $10.

    1. Not sure which frozen Costco burgers you tried (there are a few varieties) The frozen Angus Burgers in the black box are the ones we get all the time.Could not be described as thin by any stretch of the imagination...quite juicy. If I remember correctly the numbers aren't off the Richter scale ...i.e.... fat gms, sodium mgs...

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        There are two Kirkland frozen burgers, in a tube package. The sirloins are thicker than the regular ground beef, and slightly more expensive. But the fresh Kirkland burgers, in a tray, are way thicker than any I have seen.

        1. re: jayt90

          Just went out to the freezer to check the hamburger box....
          White cardboard box contains 16 x 6 oz burgers
          "Angus " Burgers..Made with Prime Rib (Huge photo of fully dressed burger on box)
          Not a Kirkland product..... Made by a company called Belmont Meat, Toronto, Ontario
          (Previous packaging was a black box) I know the Kirkland ones in the plastic sleeve that you speak of...Have not tried them as these are great!

      2. The best burgers are "Calgary Stampede". I've only seen them at Shopper's Drug Mart but don't think they sell them anymore. These burgers are the best tasting ones I've tried. Has anyone else tried them?