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Jul 10, 2009 09:07 PM

Yo Rita - Taco Heaven

Went in with a couple of friend on Fri night. Sat at the bar for about 7 minutes before being seated. Amazed there wasn't an hour wait and a line around the corner Wouldn't be surprised if the wait was that long by next week as the press is coming out on what Sousa's done there.

I had two tacos: bbq eel in chipotle and tongue with beef marrow. Both $5. Had them in flour tortilla (corn is an option, but I felt the flour would let the ingredients stand out more). Had an Arrogant Bastard to imbibe with (amazingly only $4.75 for a pint). One companion also had the tongue/marrow as well as a salmon/avocado/huitlacoche combination, other had braised pork with apple. Most expensive dish is the soft shell crab taco at $7.

All were incredible and surprisingly filling. Dining on Sousa-food and filling up for $10 is almost incomprehensible. Left there thinking that a $0.99 chain taco is way overpriced.

The menu is online, although the specials (e.g. tongue/marrow) aren't online yet. There are 14 different tacos on the menu and I expect to eat them all before end of summer. Also some apps, but it's the tacos that are the star here.

Wouldn't wait too long to try Yo Rita out as it's going to get very very busy shortly.

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  1. Wait a minute...Are you saying that Sousa is at Yo Rita's???? The place on the South Side??? If so, I'll be there in an hour!

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      He has a consulting business and was hired by YoRita to come in and make changes. Don't know how much time he spends there personally (he was in kitchen on Fri) and when this gig is over, but according to the owner most of the menu changes will remain once Kevin goes back to SotE.

    2. Thanks Panini Guy...I always love your reviews. I can not wait to try Yo's this Friday. I will report back!

      1. I couldn't wait to go to Yo Rita after reading Panini Guy's post. We went Friday night and it is so worth visiting. Not only is it a nice room, but the food was outstanding and the prices were so incredibly low. We saw KS there.

        We all had the jicama slaw and three tacos. I had the duck and sweet potato, shrimp, and avacado tacos. Everyone loved the slaw and the tacos. We would all go back in a minute. I would like to thank Panini Guy for posting on this; I wouldn't have known about it. Thanks!

        1. Went there last night. I second all the previous comments. Although the place is a pain to find, the tacos were great and reasonably priced. I really enjoyed the potato and the steak, but was a little disappointed by the duck. Still all worth trying, and the salsa and chips they bring out at the beginning was awesome!

          If you don't want to be bothered by the bar scene, I recommend going early, like 4 or 5. It was empty, and we got a great low key dinner.

          1. I went to Yorita's last night. One word - INCREDIBLE. A party of 6, we ordered a big part of the menu. I loved the JICAMA CHOP SALAD, DUCK taco, AHI TUNA taco, Ceviche, BLACK EYED PEA taco, Watercress soup, and the Pineapple margarita - the best margarita I have ever tasted!!! Within our group - 2 foodies from NYC and 2 foodies from DC. Everyone left happy and anxiously awaitng our return, next week.
            RUN to Rita's - I promise you will not regret it......