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Jul 10, 2009 08:57 PM

Pyrex blue and red lids question

Is there a difference between the red and blue lids that come with Pyrex storage containers? I have a couple of Pyrex with red lids and I find that the lids fit securely and create a good seal. How ever I can only find Pyrex containers with blue lids online in my area. So is there a big difference in your opinion? I am planning on using the containers in the freezer and to store foods in the fridge so I don't want to end up with any freezer burn or funky smells in my left overs :-)


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  1. Both the same, according to Pyrex.

    1. Have similar issue. I have red lids, which work well and last. Also have dark green lids, which did poorly, warping and cracking. My question is do you know where to get replacement lids? The glass keeps well, but lids crack. HELP! (have tried all over online, including pyrex, no luck)

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        It's been a while since I've visited, but in Los Angeles there is a Corning Revere outlet, where pyrex containers and lids are sold separately. Maybe they would ship you an order, if you provided enough detail about what you are looking for.

        The shopping center in the LA area is called Citadel.

        Corningware Corelle Revere
        Phone: 323.725.3155 / Location: 309 / View Directory Map

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          Thanks for help. Sure seems like a niche that needs filling.

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            There is also Corning in Corning, New York. They have an interesting museum there as well as a shop. No real bargains in the shop though.

            They sold separate lids. IIRC you buy the containers and lids separately there.

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            You can buy blue replacement lids for Pyrex at Perhaps their customer service can help with your lid questions.