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Jul 10, 2009 12:55 PM

Slowpokes BBQ in West Concord

Stopped in for lunch today. Strange setup - walk in a door, down a hallway, bang a right and you are at the entrance of a catering space with smoke billowing out of the smokers. Stacks of hickory chips in plastic bags along the wall, walk-in in front (which I saw contained a whole hog when the owner opened the door). A little cash register with a young woman taking and fulfilling orders - another young man helping to expedite orders from a counter on the other side of the room as well. Took about 10 minutes for them to take my order as they seemed unprepared for the 5 or so people waiting in front of me but the food came fast after ordering. 1/3 rib platter with 3 sides for $12 or pulled pork, sliced brisket, or pulled chicken sandwiches with two sides for $7.50. A selection of about 6 different sides and some drinks in a bin on ice.

I got the rib platter w. cornbread, slaw, and potato salad and I also got a brisket sandwich w/ beans and greek pasta salad, because I figured that brisket is the hardest to get right and would be a good stress test. The meats were both overdone. Ribs were mostly dry, shriveled up with crumbly meat - four bones with an inedible end bone counting as one of the bones. The two decent bones out of the four tasted ok and had a salty-ish spice rub that blackened with the heat - moderate smoke flavor - noticeable smoke ring. Brisket was thickly sliced and tender, but also dry (except near the fat) and I think if they had sliced it thin, would have crumbled apart. There wasn't any noticeable smoke flavor and the burnt ends included in the slices were, well, burnt to a crisp - hard, dry and inedible - probably should have been trimmed away. Served on a semi-hardened bun with a ladle of sauce. Cornbread was good and not too cakey, slaw was missing from my rib platter, and the potato salad was just cubed potato, sweet potato, egg, and mayonaise - no herbs or seasonings that I could detect. Greek pasta salad was mushy penne with vegetables, feta cheese, and olives swimming in a vinagrette but was passable. Beans were sweet and savory, slow roasted with what I think was pulled pork and spices - not bad. The highlight of the meal for me was the bbq sauce - tomato based that was a little sweet and vinegary. Pickles served in a little cup were good too. Worth the $20 for me to know that this is not the bbq I want for my birthday party.

I may check them out another time to try the pulled pork or if I hear of any changes.

Photos were taken by cell phone half way through eating.

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  1. Yikes, and those photos don't lie! That's a disappointment. Maybe I'll still give it a try one day to see if they're inconsistent or plain bad.

    Just out of curiosity, what time were you there? Not that serving bad food is excusable, but if it were on the later side, that might be a clue since a new lunch operation might not know how to pace the day out properly? (Wishful thinking here.)

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      1. oh man you can really see the dry.

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          1. I needed a glass of water just looking at those photos. Talk about conveying the dryness of the meat. 'Tis a shame to ruin beautiful BBQ that way! :)