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Jul 10, 2009 07:00 PM

Zin, Boba's old location-anyone?

Big banner indicating that it is now open. Anyone tried it yet? Boba lasted years, as did Auberge Gavroche before.

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  1. Ate there on Friday and we had a really nice meal there. Food is a bit pricey but was expertly cooked. We had Peking Duck ($48 for whole) - it was delicious and the pancakes appear homemade. It looks like they bought or acquired all the contents of Boba. There is no evidence of any Chinese "decor" which may or may not be a good thing. We had very attentive service but that could be be because they weren't too busy. I think the location is questionable - just a little far north enough that it won't get the walkby crowd. was hot, fresh, and I will return there again. Moo shu pork - tasty but the diced tomatoes as garnish a bit odd. Vegetables with garlic - well cooked. My friends though the spare ribs were to die for. Lemon chicken good but not a generous portion. Sesame balls for dessert were homemade and piping hot. I believe it's priced a bit higher than Dynasty and we'll have to see how that all works out. They are certainly trying! It certainly adds another Chinese option to the area. Check it out.

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      Are there any other restaurants in the area you recommend?

    2. Finally tried it today. It is owned by the same folks as La Chine on East Beaver Creek, and serves a non-traditional version of Chinese cuisine, including some dim sum options at lunch. They make everything on site, including one of the best XO sauces I've had, as well as fantastic hot and sour soup. Service is extremely attentive, and the food is plated artfully.

      The wine list mark-up is quite high, though fairly standard for the area (3 1/2 - 4x). Dim sum are 4$ per, appetizers from the regular menu start around 6$, and mains are mid-downtown prices. Worth a visit.

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        Thanks for posting. Will have to try out their h & s soup next time I'm in the area ;-)

      2. The Toronto Star is going to be publishing its review tomorrow (Saturday)