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Jul 10, 2009 06:56 PM

Richmond to Farmville

I'm driving from Richmond, Virginia to Farmville, VA (which is the southeastern part of the state) and am looking for any good breakfast/brunch spots along the way. Richmond is fine, as long as it doesn't pull us too far out of our path - we are flying in so the trip starts from the airport. Thanks!

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  1. I don't think you can avoid going into Richmond if you're looking for something special. Certainly chain restaurants along the outskirts of town - but nothing local or interesting. The road to Farmville will be be quite rural and restaurants of any sort pretty scarce. Can you tell me the day/time you will be coming into town and what route you want to take to Farmville? Maybe I can find you something that won't take up too much of your time.

    1. If you are driving west toward Farmville on US 360/ Hull Street Road, there are several very good resturants west of Rt 288, We often eat at Cracker Barrel you'll see the sign on the left after a Home Depot store. There are several others in the same area.

      In Farmville there are some very nice chain type places, Ruby Tuesdays, Applebees, an excellent local place on west 3rd street is Merks, good menu at moderate price , good value for the price. Good luck, enjoy our town.
      Mr ree

      1. In Richmond--Millie's for brunch on Sat or Sun.. You will not be sorry.

        1. We ended up going to 3 Monkeys in Richmond, which was just delicious and I highly recommend!