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Jul 10, 2009 04:16 PM

Where to find Pig's Feet in the South Bay?

I'm looking for a supermarket or butcher that sells pig's feet. I'm looking for a place to go to in the South Bay (preferably). Have you seen any?

I tried Ralph's, Sprouts, Bristol Farms, and Marukai.

They need to be uncooked. Raw or frozen is okay. I don't need them to be any special breed. ;)

While I am sure they are tasty vittles, I'm looking for a few pig's feet for some medical students to practice suturing on.

I need them by Monday.

Thank you CH'ers.

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  1. Try your local Chinese supermarket

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    1. re: K K

      Any market in particular? I went to Marukai (but I think that's japanese) and they didn't have any there. Do you think Korean market's would have them?

      1. re: DrBruin

        Marukai and Nijiya are Japanese. You can try a chain like 99 Ranch.

        1. re: DrBruin

          Try the 99 Ranch on Artesia and Normandie in Gardena.

      2. i'd check out freshia market in torrance.

        Torrance Freshia Market
        2515 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA

          1. 99 Ranch Markets carry them semi-frozen in the butcher showcase. Pig feet are considered a delicacy and can be found at most Chinese markets. Mainstream supermarkets like Ralph's, Food4Less, Vons, etc. will have them pre-wrapped and sliced mainly for pickling. Rarely you'll find them in Japanese or Korean markets.

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            1. re: Clinton

              Thank you everyone for replying.

              I actually called Freshia and they didn't have any.

              But, I found some feet at MarketWorld, a korean supermarket. Unfortunately, they have them sliced... but I bought them anyway. Nexttime I'll try Gonzalez or 99 Ranch.

              1. re: DrBruin

                Just returned from 99 Ranch Market in Gardena and they had both whole pig's feet and hocks but were still frozen in the display.

            2. Go to Seafood City in Carson (Corner Carson St. and Main)..100% sure on fresh pig's feet. Also most smaller Filipino groceries carry it.

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              1. re: trvlcrzy

                That's a strange place to buy pigs feet; at a seafood market! Have you bought or seen them there before? The skin needs to be whole and as natural as possible to practice stiching human flesh.

                1. re: shitzulvr

                  For stitching purposes, probably the best bet would be to use the belly pork which includes all the layers of the skin and fat. Most Chinese markets like 99 Ranch Markets will carry it in slabs frozen or fresh.