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Jul 10, 2009 03:50 PM

Best gyro in Portland?

I'm on a mission to find the best gyro in Portland as I gear up for a vacation to Greece this September.

So far I've tried Foti's Greek Deli (pretty good) and I'll embarassingly admit... Greek Cusina (obviously horrible),

On my list is the Aybla cart downtown and Big Berthas. Any other recommendations?

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  1. I had a pretty darn good gyro last Fall at a stand in Saturday Market. Can't remember the name of it, though.

    1. There's a cart on SW 2nd near Oak, it used to be an Aybla's outpost but is not anymore. Great $5 lamb gyro with lots of meat. crisp fresh lettuce, garlicky tzatziki (and plenty of it) and decent pita.

      1. The gyro is actually a copy of the schwarama from Iranian and Egyptian culture. If you want a gyro in PDX DO NOT go to a Greek place. Go to a Persian or Medi place. That and read a book.

        1. Thanks everyone for your input, except maybe that last one, I'm going to choose to ignore that completely.

          Having now been fortunate enough to have tried a number of Gyros in Portland, I wanted to report back how impressed I was the recommendation for Aybla. I have now been a number of times to get their Super Lamb Gyro, with extra tzatziki. Lots of nice lamb, tasty garlicy tzatziki sauce - really reminds me of the wonderful food I ate on my trip to Greece last year. Thanks again for wonderful recommendation.

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            Jenny, where is the Aybla cart downtown? I am a fan of Foti's (also love their potato wedges) but would appreciate something closer to work!

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              I go to the one at 925 SW Alder, it's on a nice block with about 10 food carts that all look good. (If you work downtown, and like Italian, Built to Grill on SW 3rd and Washington is my second fav!)

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                Thanks Jenny! I work not far from there, so that is perfect! Guess what I am having for lunch today!!

          2. The only gyros that I've eaten in Portland came from Aybla's food cart on 5th & SW Oak. The cart is in an area with a bunch of other food carts. I simply must have one at least once a week. My hubs works downtown Portland and gets me the Super Gyro for $7 plus the Tzatziki with pita $3.50 and brings it home for my dinner.

            I then reheat the gyro on low in the microwave. Smother it with fresh lettuce and tomato. Top it with more of the tzatziki sauce and dig in. It usually takes me 45minutes to slowly devour this wonderful treat. When I first sit down to it I'm sure there's no way I'll finish the whole thing. Hubs is amazed every time I do tho.

            Being from Chicago I've had many gyros in my life. This one is the best because the lamb is grilled and in big chunks. The tzatziki is wonderfully garlicky, too.

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              FYI, there is also an Aybla's cart in the Good Food Here pod on SE Belmont and 43rd.