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Jul 10, 2009 02:44 PM

Tim Hortons

Just read the Times article about Tim Hortons replacing dunkin donuts, Great coffee!!!! Can't wait, I just called the corporate office and they did not seem to know the details. Has anyone seen any signs?

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  1. I walked by the DD on Broadway near 96th and it was closed. There was no Tim Hortons sign, though.

      1. I read they took over the DD in penn station LIRR level (or will be taken over I havent seen it yet)

        1. I was right: just saw a Tim Hortons sign at the former DD on Broadway near 96th!

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          1. re: rteplow

            i'm guessing that the one in the riese enclave @ 50/7th will also change hands. yay!

          2. I typed in "riese dunkin near new york, ny" into Google Maps and it said:

            1276 Lexington Ave #3
            250 Broadway B
            2 Penn Plz #1
            321 Broadway B

            Obviously not all the new locations, but it's a start, I suppose...