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Jul 10, 2009 01:35 PM

Glass House tour - NC nearby breakfast and lunch options

We'll be visiting on a weekday, taking Metro North from Manhattan. Looking through the board I was thinking of grabbing breakfast beforehand at Rosies, and then lunching at Sole after the tour. We'll have about an hour to kill before our ticketed admission time so are basically looking for a comfortable place to enjoy a leisurely breakfast. For lunch, looking for a nice meal accompanied by some decent wine. Are these good places to go, or are there other places peopld would recommend? As we won't have a car the restaurants would have to be within walking distance of the Glass House.


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  1. Just to clarify, you are looking for places to eat in the center of New Canaan, near the Glass House Visitors Center (which is right by the train station). The Glass House itself is in a suburban area and you get taken there by van. With an hour to kill, you'll have plenty of time to wander New Canaan's center (really just Elm and Main streets, all quite walkable from the Visitors Center) and check out places to eat. Le Pain Quotidien on Elm would be fine for breakfast. Lots of spots for lunch, but If you like Indian, Thali on Main is attractive with very good food. Harvest Supper on Elm is the hottest spot in town these days, with generally excellent reviews, but BYOB (wine store nearby).

    My kid works at a day camp that abuts the Glass House property (though the buildings aren't in sight). All the counselors are warned not to let anyone wander over the property line--a few hundred kids and a glass house just don't seem very compatible!

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      MommaJ, thank you for clarifying. Yes, interested in places in the center of New Canaan. Do you think we would need reservations for lunch on a Thursday at Harvest Supper? Would casual attire be acceptable at Harvest and Sole? By the way, what's the approximate price point for Harvest? I couldn't find an online menu.

      Thanks for your help