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Jul 10, 2009 01:31 PM


putting this in Chains because I know Publix is bigger than just Florida.

Anyway, I rarely shop there these days because it IS more expensive than Albertsons and Winn Dixie and boy by a lot! I saw Flounder at $12.99 which is $5.99 at Albertsons and Tilapia at 7.99 which is 3.25 at Albertsons.

However, in some of the Publix stores they do fried balls of potato and meat filling fresh at the bakery counter which are very good and filling at about 1.70 each and cheesey potato fried things and yucca fried thingies all delicious.

Any other pros and cons of Publix?

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  1. Their cakes are amazing! The icing is light and fluffy. They also do a mystery penny item in their circular every week. You take in the coupon and get whatever it is (jar of spaghetti sauce, gallon of milk, etc.) for a penny. The employees are usually really nice, too. They must have excellent customer service training. I moved out of the Publix's jurisdiction about 5 years ago and still miss it!

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      I've grown up going to Publix . The penny deals aren't in every circular anymore - at least I haven't seen them! The customer service can't be beat. The other grocery chains in Florida seem to either have less selection or to be less clean (except for the new Sweetbays - the newer ones are my 2nd choice). I love their bakery. The wedding cakes from their are better than most of the fancy cake places in the area and much less expensive. They are also working hard to advertise local and organic foods. By the way, they tend to be a good employer as well. Too many friends have worked for Publix and I've never heard complaints. Albertson's was bought out by Publix last year and very few Albertson's were left to run as Albertson's since most were converted into Publix stores over the past year. We have a Greenwise Publix nearby and I prefer going there than to the Whole Foods that opened up in the same neighborhood.

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        I grew up with Publix too and hope they eventually expand into the area I now live. You are absolutely right about their wedding cakes. They have always had great flavor, texture and are never dry. People act like you are crazy when you recommend a grocery for a wedding cake...but they do the job right!

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          For our wedding, they did the best cake testing we attended. As kids, my SO and I both loved their apple danish so on a lark we asked to try the apple filling with the yellow cake. We ended up loving it so much that we used the combo for our wedding. Most of the cake was gone due to people asking for extras. Our friends still ask about it years later. So yummy.

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            The guy who did my wedding cake was my maid of honors fiance. He was worked for public and then owned is own bakery down here. They he created pies for Village Inn. The French Silk is his creation. Or so he claims. He made my cake and I am not sure what he did but wow. He claims it was mostly Publix style of the wedding cake, the recipes that they mostly used. I agree to this day, everyone loved our cake.

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              Any idea on the use of lard in Village Inn or Publix? I know a local Publix has some non-lard based foods, but I never know anymore.

            2. re: TampaAurora

              They made my wedding cake too! We totally forgot that the saved top layer was in my parents freezer. It was discovered several years later - and still tasted really good!

              At that point in time the So. Pasadena location in St. Pete was thought to make the best wedding cakes (in Pinellas). I have no idea if that still holds true.

      2. seconded on their customer service...head and shoulders above anything else around here (east side of ATL)

        Getting the basics and the cheapest total means going to Ingles.
        Getting exactly what you want (nicer meats and produce) means going to Publix.
        Getting mad b/c you didn't go to one of the other two means going to Kroger.

        1. It really is a pleasure to shop at Publix, and you can always get satisfaciton. If something does not measure up, just take it back and get a refund. They have never claimed to be cheapest, and they are not, but are impossible to beat.

          1. I loved Publix! The stores are much cleaner than Albertson's and everyone was always helpful. It was worth the extra money for me. All I have where I live now is Kroger, which is trying to get better.
            Publix carries a good variety of items, has Boar's Head Meats, love their carrot cake and Pecan rings from the bakery. They were carrying Lurpak butter long before anyone else that I knew of.
            As a somewhat foodie, I loved wandering the isles and shopping there. Never wanted any of my family coming along with me to rush me out the door.
            I miss Publix!

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            1. re: grouper

              LOL, grouper... one of my sons who lives in SF now came for a visit recently and asked me "Can you pick up a pecan ring from Publix please?" They ARE good but damn...$5.29??? A lot of their bakery items have become overpriced but I think they KNOW folks like the bakery and they are taking advantage.

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                Their bakery has the best sugar cookies I've ever had... I'd love to find a copycat recipe!

                1. re: summeranne

                  This is on the side of the Publix brand sugar. Someone said it was similar. Never tried it however.


                  And yes they are good.

              2. Gosh, I have mixed feelings about Publix. Their fish prices have really sky-rocketed; that's okay...I go to Captain Jerry's in Wynn's supermarket right around the corner from where I work now; they had fresh red grouper for $6.99 per pound last week, yay! But, Publix was the first in my area to offer Fage Greek style yogurt a few years ago, so I was very happy about that. Also, I must say that anytime our church was conducting a food drive for local food banks, Publix would provide paper bags for us at no charge--always. I don't conduct the food drives anymore but I'm assuming they still obtain the bags from Publix. I've never seen any savory items at the bakery that OP smartie alludes to. I must say I was so pleasantly surprised that the Northland Cranberry juice I bought yesterday rang up as an in-store special for $1.90!!!! You usually can't touch it for less than $3.89. Our nearby Albertson's closed and Publix was supposed to make it into a Greenwise place but the store sits there empty, and I am almost positive it is because of the economy. In Naples, it seems that Publix has a bit of a monopoly.

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                  val, not every Publix do these savoury fried balls - so it's hit or miss as to which ones do. However once you try one you are hooked.

                  I agree customer service is best at Publix, much less waiting than at Albertsons, better selection but it is pricier.

                  1. re: smartie

                    Publix is also much cleaner than Albertson's (in south Florida locations)