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Jul 10, 2009 12:36 PM

Restaurants to host wedding reception near northern end of Central Park?

I live in Boston but am helping my friend plan her wedding in NYC (summer 2010). My apologies in advance for my ignorance of the city and its chow.

My friend is hoping to have an outdoor ceremony in the northern part of Central Park, and we are trying to find a restaurant near there (walking distance or we may hire a shuttle) for the reception, with the following specifications:

1) could accommodate around 100 people
2) good food, including vegetarian options. We are open to the type of cuisine, although something more mainstream may be the way to go. Her family is Mexican and his is Greek.
3) affordable--i think she is looking to spend 6-10K on food and beverages for the aforementioned 100 guests
4) has alcohol

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. Hey! I am actually on the same boat.
    I want my wedding in Central Park, I will have around 100 guests and need a restaurant that doesn't destroy my budget. if you find any info can you pleeease keep me posted?

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    1. re: francheska.caputo

      have you forgotten about Cafe con Leche darling? We have enjoyed their food many times!

    2. I've never inquired about wedding receptions at these places, but based on regular menu prices and knowledge of the size/space, they might be good places to look into:

      Gabriella's (somewhat gringoized Mexican, great tequila list, W. 90s)
      Isabella's (maybe too expensive, but check)
      Kefi (new Greek; I'd ask for the entire downstairs area for a reception)
      Zeytin Turkish (also may be too expensive, but check... it's a nice space with flowers and open French windows in the summertime)

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      1. re: cimui

        2nd kefi. one block from central park with really good food at amazing prices. the space is definitely large enough to hold 100 people comfortably and i know they rent the space out for special events.

        1. re: highsocietyeater

          I have actually heard good things about Kefi..never been there myself my heard it is a nice place with availability for private functions

      2. I don't know if you are aware that Central Park has people on staff who can handle all the arrangements for a wedding iin the park- from reservations and permits to wedding packages that include photographers, etc. As well, they can suggest places nearby for receptions. If you google Central Park's homepage or google weddings in Central Park, you'll get all the info.

        1. You might look into the Hotel Wales - at 92nd & Madison. They have what I gather is a lovely terrace on top of the building, and I think Paola's, which is on the corner, does catering.