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Jul 10, 2009 12:24 PM


I posted this in the other thread but for some reason it didn't register as new or bump it up. So here goes again.

I'm thinking of going for my anniversary. Like his food and the items reviewed look tasty.
However, I'm not sure this is the occasion as it's more than just the food.

How are the room and tables over there? Wine stems?

I can't quite tell the portion size. Is it mini like Bazaar where a couple would have to order a dozen items? Or with a mix of things, would say, eight be enough for an extensive foodie dinner for two? TIA

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  1. No wine stems. You get tumblers! It's BYOB.

    8 dishes would be more, more than enough for a couple, IMO.

    1. same questions on his site suggests portions are tiny...

      1. I think my wife and I had 7 things, maybe 8 but I think 7, and we were bursting, way more than enough, just ordered that way to taste many things. Very casual set up but that's part of the charm. We went for 10 year anniversary, it was perfect, the lack of formality made it chill and really fun. And we still stayed for several hours, lingered, drank 2 bottles, made friends with other diners, chatted extensively with chef and his wife -- if that sounds fun -- and for my money it's the best meal I've had in a long time in LA -- then go!

        1. 3-4 per person, depends on what you get though... some items are larger than others. the staff is more than willing to help you out

          1. Mrs. J.L. & I ordered 9 items and 2 desserts - we didn't finish 4 of the items (no space!) - we were stuffed to the gills. The food is very good.

            Atmosphere: Very casual place. You can bring the stems AND the alcohol (actually, you MUST bring the alcohol). Chef Lefebvre is great - tell him it's a special occasion, and MAYBE he'll concoct something for you guys.