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Jul 10, 2009 12:03 PM

Allergy-ridden dinner guest

Hello all -

Hosting a last-minute dinner party tonight. One of my guests is allergic to the following:

nightshades (tomatoes. . . etc)
Capsicums (including all chilies)

Ideas for a quick menu that accomodates this and feeds four (one woman, three men, so maybe it should serve six).

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  1. I have no helpful suggestions, but good luck! That sounds like quite a challenge and you are a wonderful host for being so thoughtful!

    1. Steak, potatoes, salad!

      Or, grill flank steak, chicken or pork seasoned with garlic, lime, and cumin. Provide corn tortillas (flour for the non-allergic, if you like), veggies, cheeses, etc. and have a "make your own" taco bar. Serve rice and beans as side dishes. You can keep all the components separate and everyone can customize their own meal.

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        A caesar salad with no croutons for sicky.

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          Potatoes are in the nightshade family.

          Maybe a steak, chicken or fish with rice of some sort and a salad. The problem with allergies as complex as his is that you're hog-tied when it comes to most "compound" recipes such as casseroles.

          I think I would go with a couple of chickens "Frenched" (backbone removed and laid out flat) for broiling, then make a pan sauce from the drippings by adding some minced shallots, a bit of cognac and some white vermouth, then taking the sauce off the flame and "glaze" it with butter. Then serve with plain white rice and a nice salad with a vinaigrette dressing. That should pretty much clear all of the allergy hurdles you've mentioned, and I doubt very much anyone will feel they're being forced to eat an "allergen free meal."

          Good luck! And I'd do two chickens, unless the guys are really big eaters, then I'd do three. Have fun, whatever you decide!

        2. Doesn't sound hard. Grill something, make a salad and have potatoes or rice fixed however you like. Although I have no food alllergies, I could go long periods of time without using those ingredients --- well, except for peppers but one night won't kill ya. Don't bog yourself down; keep it simple.

          1. Sorry if this is too late, but perhaps try something like this:

            Chicken piecs rubbed with cumin, oregano, olive oil, salt, pepper, and grilled. Serve with a dressing of olive oil, cilantro, salt, pepper, and lime juice.
            Saffron Rice - Cook white rice in chicken broth with saffron. Add some cilantro or parsley at the end for color and freshness and maybe a squeeze of lime juice. Also, if the guest is not allergic to nuts, you could toast some pistachios and add them to the rice for interest.
            Veggies: If zuke or summer squash is not a nightshade, I would slice that and grill it with the chicken - olive oil, salt and pepper. If zuke and squash are out, try grilled asparagus.
            Dessert: pudding made with no flour, like a cornstarch pudding recipe. Or grilled peaches or plumns with whipped cream and honey. Or fresh berries over ice cream.

            1. That doesn't really sound that difficult to me, but I might be underestimating the impact of the nightshades. You have all meats still available, from steak to chicken to pork, most veggies, and if you need a starch, you can do any rice dish. I'd avoid anything Asian or Mexican, because you'd have a hard time, but a simple American summer meal would be fantastic - pork tenderloin or steaks, risotto or rice pilaf, and a green veggie.

              I believe potatoes are considered nightshades, but in the summer, I don't think you really need a carb.

              Good luck!

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                You're right; I didn't know that about potatoes. But some sliced avocado, onions, many things. Much easier to cook for in the summer.