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Jul 10, 2009 11:56 AM

Best pizza in MetroWest 'burbs?

We’re constantly on the lookout for the perfect pizza. Which to us means bubbly, piping hot, thin crust and preferably from a brick oven. Unfortunately we don't yet have an Upper Crust close enough for take out, but what are some of your favorite pizza spots in Needham, Newton, Wellesley, Natick, etc? We happen to love Sweet Tomatoes in Needham. Others?

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  1. Try the new Wellesley North End Pizza. You can eat it there or they deliver. Yum.

    1. In Framingham, the best of the greek styles is Center Pizza just off Rt. 9 across from FSC, a perfect college type pie. Tasty, crispy and cheap. The best of the local Italian style is Gianni's in the Nobscot area. Its referred to as "Pizza with a snarl". Very good NY/North end style pizza and subs, form some generally attitude deficient miscreants. We generally drive to Newton Centre to Sweet Tomatoes or Worcester to Munchees. Munchees has some truly bizarre Pizza's like Spaghetti and Meatball, which is like eating S&M on garlic bread. My kids like Superior Pie in Fram too, but hey, they still love Papa Gino's. Fianally, there a place, Bronzetti’s, hidden on Rt 9 east with the square pie made (locally) famous by the old and closed Union House. Great soft beady crispy crust

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        I have to try muncheez - I hear they have a grape soda flavored pizza, and a deep fried Oreo pizza. I imagine their r&d department must have a lot black light posters and incense.

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          "which is like eating S&M on garlic bread"... thought you were being metaphorical.

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            Do they make taco pizza or salad pizza?

            I kind of miss those since moving from NY.

            1. re: LStaff

              From what I hear, they'll make whatever you ask them.

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              Kinda sorta in metro west (almost)?...
              Just tried an old family place in Woburn called LOUIE'S
              and really we really liked it...
              Crazily old school...
              v. limited toppings (no arugula here dude!)
              they make their dough in the morning and close when they run out
              (sometime between 3 & 6 pm !?!!
              a hole in the wall location w/ minimal seating and no parking,

              The place is run by the guy who's grandfather started it, and still done the same way.
              He knows what he's doing. & I think the whole thing is way cool.
              bottom line is a more than decent NY style pie : )
              Probably tastes about as good as a Upper Crust
              Way more simple, but honestly home made,
              and without the corporate, stainless steel, MBA crap!

              The Dude

            3. Upper Crust is opening in Wellelsey Center soon.

              1. The sausage and hot cherry pepper pizza at Echo Bridge is the most memorably delicious pizza I've had in a while. Perfect balance of flavors, and slightly greasy.

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                  Just had it again last night, to see if it was still good, and it was. If anything, it was even better than the first one I had. Calamari was an atrocity, though - the breading had strangely sloughed off, and it was all rings. Pizza was truly great, though - the crust was crispy, slightly charred, and the toppings blew me away (though sausage and hot pepper shouldn't be hard to ruin). Next time I'm going to try a plain cheese to see how that stacks up.

                  1. Fiorella's on North Street in Newton turns some very nice pizzas out of a wood-fired oven. No fried Oreos, though.