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Jul 10, 2009 11:37 AM

Need help quickly

My in-laws are in town and our plan to go to Drew's Bistro were thwarted as my wife waited too long to make a rez (The in-laws are strongly accustomed to eating at 7:00).

Father-in-law is a fan of quality steaks or seafood. We are trying to shy away from ethnic places( tho Italian would be acceptable), and looking for something a little cheaper (and maybe a little more casual) than say, Brandl or Whispers. Want to stay in Monmouth County, closer to the shore if possible.

Ideas? Timely suggestions needed!!!

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  1. Belford Bisto, in Belford -

    Trinity, in Keyport -

    Daniel's Bistro, in Pt. Pleasant (No website yet) - Tel.: 732-899-5333

    If you're willing to go to Middlesex County, Steakhouse85, in New Brunswick, for very high quality steaks and seafood.

    1. For steak, you could try Manhattan Steakhouse, though that might be a little more expensive than you are looking for. If you want casual, i.e. neat jeans ok, but business casual ok, too, and want good seafood, Navesink Fishery is the ticket, though they probably don't take reservations. Sallie Tee's is another primarily seafood place, though rez might be a problem.

      A couple other possibilities, staying in Keyport, Trinity would be the recommendation of many on this board. Or traveling only a couple miles, Belford Bistro.

      1. Jwk2, I also recommend Belford Bistro. You will find excellent steak, seafood and everything in between.
        We have a 7:00 reservation there tonight, we were also too late with a Drew's reservation but BB will not disappoint.

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          I agree with Tom and RGR and wholeheartedly recommend Belford Bistro.