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Jul 10, 2009 11:28 AM

Starbucks baked bads

I drink Starbucks coffee a few times a week. It's not the best but it's convenient and reliable. I rarely get their baked goods because they're just not very good. But sometimes I get so ravenously hungry and there they are, looking pretty in the glass case, and I give in. Maybe once or twice a month. I don't expect much. I expect mediocrity and I get it. But after today, no more! I got a slice of the cinnamon coffee cake and this one really takes the cake, literally. It's so far below mediocre that it's downright inedible. The cake is so pasty that you could spackle with it. The cinnamon swirls are gummy and viscous like, like... aged spit. The flavor is... the antithesis of butter, if that's even possible. What the hell is this crap?!? NEVER again! Ok, rant over.

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  1. Hm. I'm eating my last bite of ... I don't know what it's called, but it's a citrus-y, coconut bar thing. I like it - not too sweet, not too large, good contrasts in textures. Significantly better than a good deal of their overly sweetned pastries (except for that red velvet cupcake that I love - not "real" red velvet but whatever). It's a hit-and-miss when it comes to SBUX - some are decent to good (this citrus-coconut bar thing comes to mind) and others are just yick (like pretty much all their cake-like items I've tried).

    What region are you in anyway? I understand the selections are fairly regional, so if you're trying to warn people away from the SBUX pastries, might want to say where you went before people proclaim they have no cinnamon coffee cake at their location (as I do not).

    1. Don't make a generalization. State from where you are writing. Each area has its own fresh food baker, sandwich maker, fruit seller as well as milk supplier .

      The companies that supply the Starbucks stores in San Diego are not the same ones who supply the Boston stores. Really.

      {P.S. The same initial statement goes for any chain store. We are on the Chains Board and some statements made here are quite blasphemous and unnecessary}

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        I generally dislike Starbucks' baked goods, whether from the outlets in Chicago, DC, Boston, or LA. I will generally get a biscotti or a packaged Walker's shortbread rather than being disappointed yet again. (The savory sandwiches were tasty on the few occasions I had them, though).

        However, I did love the red velvet cupcake I had once in an LA location. I have been unable to find them again - where are you, Ali, that you've had one recently?

        1. re: Cathy

          I was ranting about the coffee cake I had, not generalizing about the rest of the country. i'm in LA, which is on my profile. I'm aware of sbux having regional suppliers and considered posting on the LA board but figured the mods would move it if they deemed it really necessary. The topic doesn't fit perfectly on either board but i thought it was more relevant here than on the LA board. You may disagree. FWIW, i've had baked goods from sbux from various parts of the country and they've all been mediocre and really, not too varied. They all seem to have similar looking stuff... maybe they get their suppliers to make things look alike, I don't know.

          1. re: soniabegonia

            I know they recipes they give suppliers, like for the cranberry loaf thing they sell in November and December, but so many locations have items exclusive only to that area that the suppliers must have some free reign.

            Did you eat it in the store and tell them it was bad? Since they are so eager to correct a beverage, I would think they would be the same about the baked goods.

            I don't crave sweets and only take a sample. Sometimes. Nothing has ever made me want to make a purchase of a full size item. But nothing has ever tasted old or was baked incorrectly.

            I would think if you titled the post "LA area Starbucks" and prefaced it with something about local suppliers, it would stay on that board.