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Jul 10, 2009 11:17 AM

Shredded tofu with pork and chives?

I noticed no one on chowhound seemed to mourn the closing of Red Corner in San Gabriel. I will admit I ate there several time and wasn't that impressed. That is until I tried their shredded tofu with pork and chives, I actually preferred it with jalapenos instead of chives. The tofu, pork and jalapenos were all julienne into matchstick size piece and fried in a kind of sweet and savory sauce. What really made the dish was the tofu itself. The consistency was dense more like cheese than tofu, not in flavor but mouth feel. Does any one know where I can find something similar? thanks

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  1. You're probably thinking of dried bean curd which is slightly different than tofu. There are lots of different soybean products and they all have confusingly similar names. I think the stuff you want is this:

    They can be found as brown square-ish bricks at any Chinese market. A ton of Chinese restaurants in SGV should have something or other with this on the menu.

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      Yeah, just about any place worth their salt can make this dish for you.

      One place that does it pretty well (even though the restaurant as a whole totally sucks) is Ji Rong.

      Ji Rong
      8118 E Garvey Ave, Rosemead

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I like the tofu 'noodles' at Ji Rong...

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          If you're ever hankering specifically for the chives/pork/bean curd dish and you're in OC, I've enjoyed the version at Peiking Restaurant in Westminster:

          But it's a common enough dish that I wouldn't really go somewhere just for that alone.

      2. Thanks, I will try JI Rong tomorrow.