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Jul 10, 2009 11:11 AM

Restaurant/Catering for a Motown themed party?

I'm hosting a Motown themed 35th birthday party+baby shower (co-ed) for a friend in September, 1-4pm. I'm looking for food theme ideas & recommendations of (economical) places from which to order said thematically relevant food?

since the party falls btwn lunch & dinner, i'd guess folks wont be totally ravenous, but my experience is that folks are willing to eat good food 24 hrs a day...I'm expecting we'll have about 40-50 people.

i was thinking some sort of punny drinks, like "Motown Mojitos". The cake will probably look like a concert poster. For food, is Soul Food the best option? if so, any experience bringing in party platters/family size from Coast, Poppa B's or Lennys? i dont even know if you can order those there. Others?

I'm really interested in other ideas, too, as i havent found much inspiration online (beyond MJ, that is).


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  1. Ps The day of the party, i will be driving from Roslindale to Watertown so it would be handy if restaurant ideas were in the greater boston area.

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    1. re: evex3

      The only thing I can think of other than Soul Food is whatever else might be indicative of Detroit. Unfortunately I have no familiarity with that city or what people eat there. Perhaps other CHs can chime in about that.

      It sounds like a great idea for a party, have fun!

      1. re: evex3

        Too bad Bob the Chef's is no longer around. That would have fit the bill.

      2. The classic Detroit food is a Coney Island, which is a hot dog with (bean free) chili, minced onions and yellow mustard, as well as Vernor's pop. Sander's fudge sundaes. Greek food, square deep dish pizza, Lebanese & Syrian food.

        That's probably not what non-Detroiters will think of, so soul food is an ok idea if only because of the word soul, but it's not particularly characteristic of Detroit.

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        1. re: dulce de leche

          Do you mean Saunders Hot Fudge? You know your Detroit food but you forgot Perch!

          1. re: dulce de leche

            That's right, Vernor's! I have tried Vernor's ginger ale and it's unique and great. I guess I knew a little something about Detroit after all!

            1. re: Ralphie_in_Boston

              No, definitely Sanders; after going bankrupt or something and closing all the stores in the 90s, they've been bought and started opening stores up again, and you can buy the fudge online:

              Perch! I'm sure any bony lake fish would suffice in a pinch...

              If you float a scoop of vanilla ice cream in your Vernor's, you'll have made a Boston cooler, so it all hangs together.

          2. Again, not sure how "authentic" for Detroit but Redbones in Davis Square does a lot of southern type barbecue and catering.