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Jul 10, 2009 11:09 AM

Charleston to Nashville - Roadfood suggestions needed

The wife and I will be driving from Charleston to Nashville this August and I'd appreciate some local expertise. We're staying off of the interstate and plan to take our time getting from point A to point B. I think I've gathered enough info on our start and finish points (though I won't turn down a good suggestion) but we need particular help on the in-between.

Thanks in advance!

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    1. You should definitely go through Asheville. lots of great chow there. Do a search and you'll find lots of suggestions...I like Tupelo Honey, Zambra, Salsa, Table and Bouchon.

      Also, if you're interested in great bbq, Bridges BBQ Lodge in Shelby, NC should be on your route.

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        Thanks for the tips. I'm definitely interested in great BBQ. Maybe even obsessed. I can't say I'd be disappointed if I ate nothing but pork the entire trip.

        1. re: Stupendo

          I disagree that Asheville has "lots of great chow" -Zambra has a nice sounding menu but most offerings are a but muted..the moussaka we had during our visit 3 weeks ago had minimal spices as did the soups..Corner Kitchen has good breakfast but really it's not the food or menu but the charm of Biltmore Village- NOT a foodie destination-visit A'ville for Biltmore,BRParkway and great beer-esp Mt Pisgah's tasting room (industrial park on south side of old hiway 70 'bout 2 miles west of Black Mountain)-but expect ordinary food...Moose Cafe near Farmer's Mkt (a pleasant place) is lotsa inexpensive tasteless calories/salt

          1. re: HankB

            Sorry you don't find Asheville to be a great food town. You're the first person I've heard of to feel that way. Sounds like you made some choices that didn't work out. As you'll notice, the only place I mentioned that you apparently tried was Zambra. I've never had the moussaka, but everything I've had there has been wonderful. Never been to Corner Kitchen or Moose Cafe...many posts on here have stated the same comments you made regarding it. Next time, try some of the other wonderful places in Asheville and you'll be satisfied.

            1. re: bbqdawg

              bbqdawg or any Asheville hound
              I see many posts about great food in Asheville and i will be there this weekend and more. I might make the drive out to Shelby just to try the lodge...should i? Also: Restaurants i might try...are they good? 1.Big J's 2.Circle B Ranch 3.Green River Bar b Q in Saluda 4. 2 Guys Pizza and Ribs 5.Nine Mile(i love Caribbean food)6.West First Wood Fired pizza 7.Fireside Rest' n Pancake 8.Papa's and Beer 9.Doc Cheys(i love Thai curry) 10.Tupelo Honey 11.Sunny Point Cafe 12.The Admiral 13. for BBQ i almost forgot "12 bones" 14.fig 15.Zambra 16.Limone's brunch 17. Nova 18.Stovetotters 19.Burgermeister. Can u say good or bad about any of my any others i missed? thankyou

              1. re: mistahcal

                Hi! As much as I love Bridges, i don't think i'd make a trip form Asheville to eat there. !2 Bones is great, but it has rather limited days and hours of operation. Of your list, i am familar with:

                Doc Chey's. I like it a lot, but many on here don't.
                Tupelo Honey. I love, love love TP, especially for b'fast/brunch.
                Zambra. great place, well worth a visit.

                I haven't been to, but have heard good things about: Papas and Beer, Sunny point, The Admiral, Fig, Limones, Stovetrotters. I seem to recall lots of mixed opinions on Nova. Do a search and you'll find lots of info on all theses places. You might also consider One Love, a jamican place that is supposed to be good (I haven't been). Other places I like include Salsa's (some can't stand it...its latin/caribbean influenced so you ought to try it), Bouchon (french bistro), Table, Sante (wine bar).

        1. re: shallots

          Once you get to Nashville be sure to try Arnold’s for meat & three. Martin’s BBQ, and Jack’s BBQ