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Jul 10, 2009 11:08 AM

Barcelona: Cinc Sentits vs Alkimia

Traveling to Spain later this Summer and would like to try one of the more modern restaurants there. After some looking it appears these are two of the favorites. If you’ve been to one or both, let me know what you thought of your overall experience (pros and cons). If you’ve been to both, please let me know which you prefer. Thanks

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  1. I've eaten at both on more than one occasions. They are both very good. I would search this board as both have been covered extensively in earlier posts. Even older posts are fairly accurate as neither restaurants have had any major changes in their stafff or quality of the food.

    1. I've also been to both several times...I personally enjoy Cinc Sentits more...but Alkimia is very good also.

      1. Hi there I really like Cinc Sentits, it's probably more within my comfort zone than Alkimia, but that's more about me than the food. I have posted about my meals last year here http://www.curious-eater.com/ hope this helps?

        1. You may have already read the posts from my trip in the fall of 2007, but if not I will just say I loved both, but if I could only pick one it would be Alkimia, because it was more interesting (innovative) overall, though you will not be making a mistake whichever you choose. I also think it would be a shame to go to Barcelona and not experience high-end traditional Catalan cuisine, for which you should go to La Dama.

          1. Hey all:

            We wanted to go to Cinc Sentits but they were closed when we were in Barcelona in mid July. So we went to Alkimia. Awesome meal and memorable too. We had just blogged about it here:


            Ben and Suanne