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Jul 10, 2009 11:01 AM

Vegan-Friendly Near Woodley Park?

I'm meeting a couple of friends in the Woodley Park area, and we'd like to go out for a casual dinner, preferably somewhere nearby (Adams Morgan is also OK). One of my friends is vegan, so it needs to be vegan-friendly. I checked out some of the previous discussions on vegetarian restaurants in DC, but I'm not that familiar with the city (I just moved her a couple of weeks ago). And it seems like some of the restaurants in the area have closed or moved - we were thinking of going to Ghana Cafe but it seems to be closed.

Thanks for any suggestions,

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    1. believe it or not, but Aslyum in Adams Morgan has vegan bar food and sadwiches.

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      1. re: HilkaryIC

        They also hold a vegan brunch on the weekends.

        Mama Ayesha right between Woodley Park and Adams Morgan might be a good fit for you.

        My vegan officemate once mentioned to me that Perry's in Adams Morgan has some vegan options (maybe vegan sushi?) so that could be a nice choice as well.

        1. re: Elyssa

          You could go to Tono. They have Japanese and Thai, so you can always find vegan food there. Afghan Grill will probably have vegan food, too. Open City probably has some options, too.

      2. ...could walk up CT Ave to Cleveland Park (or 1 metro stop) and go to Spices (pan asian)