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Jul 10, 2009 10:39 AM

Texas Rib Kings

I was headed for El Pollo Regio today at lunch (the one on Ohlen according to my iPhone) but got stopped short. I simply can't pass by Texas Rib Kings (Burnet and 183) without stopping for their pork ribs; something just draws me in. I've had bbq many places (including the universally lauded Lockhart and Taylor) but TRK has the absolute best pork ribs that I have ever had anywhere. I am partial to the crispy end pieces and always ask for them. I can't say that I care for much else there, but the pork ribs is enough to bring me back time after time. To top it off, the Young'n'Old plate for $4.99 can't be beat anywhere around here. I've never seen them listed on this board though; am I the only one that likes them?

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  1. Haven't eaten there in years but my father loves it. He probably eats there once a month. He says their ribs beat out almost any in the city.

    1. You found the gem of Northwest Austin. I am several things, not necessarily in this order: cheap, a food-o-phile, bar b que lover and long time Austinite. There is no better deal--not the $1 menu at McDonalds, or the $5 footlong at Subway or whatever--than the regular chopped beef sandwich at Texas Rib King. Bring exactly $3.79 and tell the cutter if you want it lean or fatty...just get the sandwich, no sides, then while he is chopping up your beef and heating up your bun just saunter down the row and help yourself to a bag of onions, pickles, and jalapenos (included in the $3.79)...they will put a small sauce in your bag, but I like to stop at an empty table on the way out and slather sauce on the sandwich and re bag...get a bunch of paper towels and head back to the office to pig out on a great great cheap lunch. Service is generally quick and feel free to eat in, I just always get mine to go, less chance my wife will find out I indulged!

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        Found an old conversation on the board where Texas Rib Kings came up.

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          Funny - I dug down farly deep into that and didn't see anything relevant regarding TRKs.

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            I think scrumptiouschef was referring to his post about two-thirds the way down that page.