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Jul 10, 2009 10:13 AM

Ciao Una!

Did the boycotting work?

Have not tried Motorino, have gotten good to very good feedback but I do not trust the people that much. Also, most of these new joints have consistency issues. If minimized, fine, if not then no good.
Always wary of expansion for pizza slingers.

If it is 90-95% as good and lower in price, I would take that.

To be determined.

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  1. I was just up in the city last weekend, 26July09, to see Michelangelo's "The Torment of Saint Anthony". While there we figured we would check out Una Pizza Napoletana.
    Low and behold the gate was down at 5:30PM. I asked the waitress at the restaurant next door, and she told me he had headed West for the San Francisco area. Una Pizza Napoletana is no more. So we went around the corner to Luzzo's, who employees a coal fired oven to turn out his Neapolitan style pizza, and we were not terribly disappointed.