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Jul 10, 2009 09:42 AM

Potato Flour - Where can purchase?

in the DC/Baltimore area?

The owner of Cake's Love has a pound cake recipe and lists this in the recipe.

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  1. should be available at whole foods, any natural foods store or co-op, and perhaps even trader joes.

    1. HOLD ON...are you SURE it's potato FLOUR your want, and not potato STARCH Flour? there's a big difference, and i highly doubt a pound cake recipe would call for potato flour (a potato bread recipe perhaps, but not a pound cake). potato starch, on the other hand, is used to produce a more tender crumb in certain baked goods.

      potato flour is made from whole potatoes that have been cooked, dried & ground into a flour, while potato STARCH flour is the isolated starch from ground raw potatoes.

      please don't try to use the flour in place of the starch, it'll ruin your cake. double-check the recipe before you go looking to buy the ingredients.

      if it's potato STARCH you're looking for, you can find it in the baking ingredients section at WFM along with all the other bagged flours & grains from Bob's Red Mill.

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        Potato starch can also be found in the Kosher section of just about any grocery store.

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          oy. totally should have mentioned that. thanks for pointing it out, my brain is already off for the weekend ;)