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Jul 10, 2009 09:41 AM

Best Breakfast in Rhode Island

Hey Everyone, since breakfast is my favority meal and I can easily eat it for dinner just as well as in the morning, lol. I'm curious to learn where Rhode Islanders like to eat breakfast. I know Rhode Island Monthly does an annual Best of ... issue every year, but I wonder how many that are named "Best" are really the best or if their just really good supporters of the mag. No disrespect to RI Monthly, I love the mag, especially the Best of.. Issue, but I just want to hear direct from the people. I'll go first, T's in Cranston has a great breakfast and so does Brickway on Wickenden. You cannot go wrong at CrazyBurge in Naragannsett for breakfast, and there's this little tiny hole-in-the-wall place on the Swansea/Warren line called Mike's Diner. It shares a building with Eskimo King. The breakfast is awesome.. I got a cheese omelet, hash browns, toast, and a piece of ham steak for like $7, and it was all awesome. I'd love to hear from others to see where they like to go and have breakfast, brunch too. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Nick's on Broadway, Prov
    JP Spoonem's, Cranston
    T's, Cranston
    Modern Diner, Pawtucket (only order from the specials wall)

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    1. re: malyna

      Spoonem's is just plain dirty... I wouldn't go there.
      T's is good
      Modern Diner - a little better food than T's

      I also like Downcity in Providence proper...

    2. Nick's on Broadway, PVD
      Julian's, PVD

      Agree with malyna that Modern Diner has amazing specials.

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      1. re: invinotheresverde

        Love these two. As a family with a couple of vegans, breakfast can be tough. Julian's is especially vegan friendly.

      2. Nicks is great but the Best is if you advertise your in either viewers of editors choice its that simple T's I am a bit reluctant now a they cant cook eggs properly plus home fries are nothing more that frozen salted spiced and deep fried The English Muffin is nice only thing you better have one bit appetite they stack it up lol. The Seaplane on Allens ave is as old as you can find.but very nice also.

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        1. re: Frank Terranova

          I'm a little confused by that first sentence.

        2. T's in Cranston
          Annies in Newport
          Seaplane Diner on Allens Ave

          1. Another vote for Nick's for sure! Also just as good is the Sunday brunch over at Loie Fuller's. We also love the Garden Grill on the east side. Just came from LF this morning so I linked them on this post! Great food!

            Loie Fuller's
            1455 Westminster St, providence, ri

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            1. re: wburhoe

              When did they start doing brunch and what are the hours?

              1. re: invinotheresverde

                Earlier this year, I believe they're open for Sunday brunch from 10 - 2pm.