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Jul 10, 2009 09:40 AM

Dinner Party Help Needed


I'm in need of a little help....I've been traveling this week, get home late tonight and just found out I have 10 coming for dinner tomorrow. Good times! Normally, this would be no problem and I would enjoy spending tomorrow in and around the kitchen. However, I already have a pretty full, I'm looking for some of your best ideas for things I can prep tonight. Maybe a stuffed pork tenderloin I can prep tonight and roast tomorrow? Any sides I can prep tonight? Apps?

I'm really going to determine the menu based off of prep schedules, so I have a blank slate at the moment.


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Don't be a hero -- get some prepared foods (I see you live in the SF area where there is a wealth of sources) and then just make maybe one or two things of your own. I'm sure your guests would be happy with some artisan bread, cheese and charcuteria, veggies from the farmers market, a simple roasted or grilled meat and a nice fruit dessert. Oh, and whoever sprang 10 guests on you after you've been travelling all week can help shop and pay for it!

      1. I like your pork tenderloin idea, and I'd say that you don't even need to stuff it. Rub it with a good dry rub and call it good (I just use dried thyme, salt & pepper). Add the starch of your choice (baby potatoes with butter are fastest and still lovely), and a veggie. If you have access to good local berries, pick up an angel food cake and serve with sliced berries.

        You could probably put the whole thing together in an hour.

        1. Thanks for the advice menu if anyone is interested:

          Figs with goat cheese/honey/balsamic vinegar (baked just prior to arrival)
          Cheese Platter
          Bruschetta (bread grilled just prior to arrival)

          Grilled Pork Tenderloin (rubbed the night before)
          Spinach with pancetta/piquillo peppers/sherry vinegar (easy 20 min prep)
          Barley with pesto/pine nuts/golden raisins (pesto made the night before, barley cooked Sat morning, all combined just before serving)

          Store bought dessert :)

          Definitely not a hero, Friday night was a bit rushed, but Saturday was surprisingly smooth!