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New Orleans Foodies need help deciding on best Caribbean Resort experience

MrsJeffchow Jul 10, 2009 09:27 AM

My husband and I are big foodies and are traveling in January for my 30th. We are considering the Secrets Maroma resort at present, but have concerns about the overall quality of the food.

Can anyone speak to this, or can you offer suggestions for a high-end inclusive Caribbean option that combines gourmet food with a breathtaking beach experience?

For reference, we had a great trip two years ago to the Ritz Carlton St. Thomas. We found the beach to be absolutly perfect, however; the food was average. We specifically liked the proximity of the beautiful rooms to the beach.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

  1. phelana Jul 11, 2009 11:41 AM

    Malliouhana in Anguilla (Michel Rostang supervised kitchen) and nice views...Cuisinart in Anguilla plus amazing dining all over the island...I have been all over the Caribbean and feel this island's hotels and cuisine are amazing..I have heard so so for Pimms at Cap Jaluca but what a great resort..

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    1. re: phelana
      ccmurieta Jul 27, 2009 11:23 PM

      Just got back from another Epicurean Week at the Malliouhana in Anguilla and although the hotel is (still) not the newest and most luxurious, the beach is fabulous, the staff is honestly kind, helpful & gracious and the Michel Rostang restaurant can be truly amazing. That being said, the cutbacks are taking their toll on the hotel and the island as a whole. The only restaurant serving lunch at Malliouhana is now the Beach Bistro and it should be skipped altogether. I am attaching a few photos of some of our meals last week. It really is a spectacular event!! NOLA's Besh was one of the chefs this year. More info can be found at www.malliouhana.com

      1. re: ccmurieta
        phelana Jul 28, 2009 07:26 AM

        Thanks CC, I head back to AXA next weekend and will have lunch with Bart, the Mali manager at Bistro. What went wrong? This property is a gem. I had a full tour and was very impressed. Of course I love Meade's Bay. The spa is incredible. See www.anguillabliss.com for more info on my day at Mali.

        What is Epicurean Week and is there a website please? The Mali site does not mention Epicurean Week unless I missed it?

        Where else did you dine.

        1. re: phelana
          ccmurieta Jul 28, 2009 03:50 PM

          You can get info on Epicurean Week at www.malliouhana.com follow the "rates and packages" heading and then on to "packages". You can also go on Facebook "Malliouhana Anguilla". Several of us have downloaded pics (including each course of the meals) on the Facebook site.
          Malliouhana laid off 1/2 of the staff and cut hours for those remaining. The only restaurant option for lunch is the Bistro and they were absolutely overwhelmed. Understaffing explains the slow service but is really no excuse for the food. My husband and I, along with two other couples (both featured chefs), dined there on a Monday, which was the first full day of the event. Out of 6 meals, the only one that was good was the whole fish. My seared tuna/seaweed salad was so salty it was inedible (and I like salt). Ditto for my husbands duck confit sandwich. The other entrees (tuna nicoise salad sandwich, conch fritters and one other I cannot recall) were all just "eh" or "ok". The french fries were good. eedless to say, none of us ate there again for the remainder of the week.
          We ate at Hibernia, Lucys and B&D's. We also took a couple of friends over to Bistro Nu in St. Martin one day.
          The property is a beauty but in all honesty, is in need of upgrades and maintenance. Sadly, I think that the desire to sell it instead of improving or maintaining it is the current priority.

          1. re: ccmurieta
            phelana Jul 31, 2009 05:43 AM

            cc I did not know Mali was for sale...I am going to see Bart this coming week for lunch at the Bistro..it will be interesting to see how the food is when I am dining with the GM. :)

            I will head to Lucy's next week as I am staying in a private home nearby. Maybe will get B and D to go...Have a meeting at HIbernia..maybe they will feed me..haaaaaaa

            Will report on www.anguillabliss.com


            1. re: phelana
              ccmurieta Jul 31, 2009 12:56 PM

              Just so you know - I did not enjoy B&D as much this time around. In years past they did not pre-sauce their ribs. Prefer them with a dry rub and then sauce them myself (my husband brings his sauce) IMHO the lolos in St. Martin have much better bbq.
              I always love Lucy. Her fish salad is always great and I tried her fried chicken for the 1st time and loved it!

              1. re: phelana
                ccmurieta Jul 31, 2009 12:59 PM

                Let me know how it goes! When we ate there they were so overwhelmed that they were not able to accomodate Roydons son, wife and 2 guests! :o
                I am sure it will not be the same experience as it is really, really slow now.

      2. b
        Beso Jul 29, 2009 11:34 AM

        St. Barth's is an 8-square mile island with breathtaking beaches, and over 80 restaurants, ranging from picnic creole to haute French cuisine, and tres high end in-between. Gorgeous boutique hotels, and many many private villas to choose from. Foodie paradise.

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        1. re: Beso
          Lyonola Jul 29, 2009 12:03 PM

          New Orleans Foodie heading to St. Barth's this weekend. What are some places to go? All suggestions welcome from fine dining to beach shack.

          1. re: Lyonola
            ddavis Jul 30, 2009 06:24 PM

            I'm not Beso, so forgive me for butting in here, but I love St. Barth and have some suggestions for dining there. I haven't been there since January but have been keeping up with the dining scene through friends who have and who post regularly on a St. Barth forum. Over the past couple of months, the haute cuisine stars have been Le Gaiac at Hotel Le Toiny and On the Rocks at the Hotel Eden Rock. French creole food (the real thing) can be experienced at Wishing Well/Chez Rolande. Excellent mid-range places include Eddy's, Santa Fe, Le Repaire and Le Creperie. A couple of new places that are getting high marks are Harbour's Saladerie and Entre-Deux. Too bad Wall House is closed for the summer! Have a great time and let us know your experiences when you get back.

            1. re: ddavis
              Beso Aug 3, 2009 05:51 PM

              Sorry Lyonola, I was OOT for the weekend, too. Hope you had an amazing time in St. Barth.

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