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Jul 10, 2009 09:20 AM

Any recs in Merida?

heading there next week - anyone got some recommendations?

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  1. There's the usual recommendations -- Los Almendros, Alberto's Continental, Casa de Frida, etc. etc. -- but a recent find of mine that doesn't get as much press is a little taco joint called El Cangrejito.

    The offerings vary from day to day, but it's mainly seafood -- really lovely seafood. I've had the shrimp, octopus, lobster, fish (don't recall what kind), and chicharron. I'd never had a pulpo taco and that was the biggest surprise for me, very tender and flavorful.

    Now the lobster on the other hand -- I've had it twice now and I just don't get it. The meat was mushy and overwhelmed with vinegar. It could just as easily have been fishstick-grade cod. Maybe somebody can explain it to me some time.

    But apart from that I've been delighted every time.

    It's just a few blocks from the zocalo: calle 57 between 64 and 66, north side of the street, look for the red Coca Cola awning.

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      Thanks! Went to El Cangrejito yesterday - had a bunch of different one, all great especially the shrimp.