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Jul 10, 2009 09:11 AM

blue koi - kc ?

Is the Blue Koi not have the Leawood location anymore? Was thinking to go there for lunch but their website doesn't say anything about it

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  1. a friend went there the week before last in Mission Farms.

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    1. re: jdl98

      That's the one I'm talking about, I wonder why their website doesn't mention that location?

      1. re: ChrisKC

        Are you sure you visited the correct website?

        It is listed right at the bottom of every page, next to the Missouri location: and the directions page has maps to both.

    2. I was at Blanc Burgers next door tonight, and saw two employees from Blue Koi (I assumed from their t-shirts they're employes, anyway.) So, yeah, I think the Leawood location is open.

      1. Grabbed some bubble tea there last week.