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Jul 10, 2009 09:11 AM

lunch delivery in century city

I work in the food wasteland that is century city. Not only that, I am an office monkey who finds it extremely difficult at times to leave the office

Does anyone know of good delivery options for lunch? Not catered, just a simple 1-2 person meal delivered. HELP

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  1. You're probably going to be better off with something like LA Bite:

    1. As a fellow denizen of Century City, I share your pain. I have tried all of the delivery services, including L.A. Bite (almost 100% mediocre restaurants), Why Cook (somewhat more upscale restaurants, but nothing really great and by the time you order the minimum, pay the delivery fee and tip the delivery person, you could have gone to Craft for lunch (if you could only leave the office, which you can't) and City Food L.A. (they deliver from Bombay Cafe if you like Indian or from Feast from the East if you like their Chinese chicken salad).

      I've been much happier since I signed up for a gourmet food delivery service in that they deliver all of my meals to my home and I take my lunch to the office and therefore no longer have to eat the junk that passes for food in Century City (Craft excepted, but then who has time for Craft).

      Good luck.

      And yeah, in a pinch, Cafe Connection on Century Park East delivers for free to Watt Plaza and for a dollar or two to other buildings. We are not talking about great food, but somehow their sandwiches and salads seem a little less noxious to me than some of the other options, which is not saying much (and at least it is cheap).

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        I saw an old post of yours about green tea. Can you please recommend a good source for buying green tea? And can you recommend a specific tea from that source?

        Sorry to barge into this thread! thanks!!

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          I think these are the two definitive threads on buying Japanese green tea (I don't know much about Chinese green tea)