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Jul 10, 2009 08:55 AM

Caviar & Bananas Charleston

Had a sandwich lunch there recently and was delighted. It is near King and Society downtown. I parked on Society and walked and didn't really pay attention to the exact location. It's rather grocery store-ish with shelves of items in the center, a few tables and cooler cases around the perimiter. At one cooler location you can order your specialty sandwich / wrapsor pick your own ingredients; at another your salad (same deal), or select from the "ready made" case from slaw to kobe meatloaf. Pay at the cash register and take a seat at one of the little tables or counter by the window. We split a grilled salmon sandwich and a roasted beet wrap. Both were delicious.

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  1. The roasted beet wrap sounds wonderful, I think this place just moved up on my list. Thanks for the rec!