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Jul 10, 2009 08:48 AM

How is the fishmonger near Dundas and Dupont

On my way to work this morning I noticed a fishmonger (wholesale, open to the public) on a small side street just off the Dundas and Dupont intersection (first street on your left, which takes you to Davenport).

Is anyone familiar with it and how it is? I used to live in the East end and went to Diana's and am now looking for a West end option...


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  1. I've bought some lovely fish at Newport Fish Importers, at the northeast corner of Dupont and Dufferin, but have not tried the one you're referring to.

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    1. re: Tatai

      Just wondering, does Newport sell to the general public?

      1. re: uberathlete

        Absolutely, and they also carry some groceries, mostly Portuguese.

      2. re: Tatai

        They must have improved. I remember the first summer I worked in the area I could smell the place while waiting at the light. It really turned me off.

        So you're saying I should give it a second chance??


      3. I thinks you're talking about the Osler Fish Terminal on Osler St.
        I've been going there since I was little. Excellent quality. Always fresh.
        I try to get all my fish from there. I think they also supply to restaurants.
        I've never been to Diana's, so I don't know how it would compare... put definately try it! Welcome to the West End.

        1. newport fish wholesale is located at dupont and dufferin, I've been told this is where restaurant suppliers buy some of their fish. They have incredibly fresh fish, I've also heard that Hiro sushi buys some of his fish from them.

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            Chiado gets fish from Newport too.

          2. Yes, I was talking about Osler - Thanks! And I guess I'll also have to try Newport :-) You guys are awesome, thanks a lot!

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            1. re: pâté chinois

              Newport is or has moved to Weston Rd. or something.

              1. re: katana750

                I was there just last weekend, and it was business as usual. Are you sure it's not just a second outpost?