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Jul 10, 2009 08:33 AM

Best Upscale Restaurant Corolla - OBX

I read most of the boards/posts but still cannot seem to figure out what the best upscale restaurant(s) are in Corolla (some mentioned Blue Point; what about Notth Banks?). It is for a special occasion. I have never been so any help would be appreciated!

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  1. It does not get much better than Blue Point on the OBX or for that matter elsewhere. Outstanding in every way!!!

    1. Left Bank across from the Sanderling.

      1. blue point in duck is unique and sparkles! They just celebrated their 20th anniversary

        1. I agree that you won't go wrong with Blue Point in Duck. We tried Aqua S this past Sat. night. Like Blue Point, it has a setting and view that is outstanding, right on the sound with great outdoor seating to watch the great sunsets. Aqua S opened last year and we had heard several differing opinions about it. Most of the initial reviews were negative, too expensive, too frou-frou, portions not large enough, etc. But some friends of ours who live in Duck year-round recently said it had improved on most of those negatives. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes, it's expensive. But everything we had was excellent and the setting and view right on the sound is fantastic. Service was perfect. The chef really does like to put his own special difference into each preparation, so be ready for some surprises. You can see the menu online at their site