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Jul 10, 2009 08:21 AM

New Hope Dining...need help

Planning one night at a bed and breakfast in New Hope. I need a romantic dinner spot for Saturday night and maybe a lunch spot for Sunday. Suggestions?

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  1. Head accross the bridge into Lambertville for drinks at The Boathouse followed by dinner at French BYO Manon. Hamilton's Grill Room is right next to the Boathouse but it's much more noisy and less romantic. Manon has a small french menu with lots of atmosphere and charm. Dimly lit and quiet with Van Gogh style painted ceiling and Provence style artwork throughout.

    1. Oh yes and for lunch Sunday, the Inn of the Hawk ( also in Lambertville) has a great outdoor space, good beer and casual menu. Lilly's on the Canal is a fun, airy spot with good food

      1. Bistro 9. Very good byob in Lambertville.

        1. New Hope -
          Logan Inn - New Hope
          Inn at Philips Mill - will need reservation
          Marsha Brown - have lunch at the bar

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            Related question:
            I'm going to New Hope tomorrow afternoon from Phila. Any area "must haves" or unique eats for dinner or snack, either up there or on the way back?

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              Not in New Hope, but Yardley Ice House (could be on the way back) has amazing water ice/cream ice!

          2. Just saw this, so you may already have completed your trip. If so, for future reference, in my opinon the most romantic restaurant in New Hope is the Inn at Phillips Mill, which is actually just a bit north of town on River Road. The food is usually more than passable, but the atmosphere can't be matched.

            For lunch in NH, I would highly recommend the Italian Cucina, a hole in the wall on the right side of Main Street heading south, just before Havana and back a short alley. Don't let the outside deter you - Joe the owner/chef will treat you like long-lost relatives and give you the most delicious food at a reasonable price. It's my wife's and my favorite spot these days.