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Jul 10, 2009 08:07 AM

Need a handmixer and don't want to spend a lot

So I've been looking at handmixers and seeing a lot of range in price, from $20 to some models to $80 for some kitchenaid. I know that KA has a good reputation with stand mixers but is it worth the extra $ for a handmixer, or could I get away with something around $30? Will be used for making cakes mostly.

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  1. your timing is impeccable - ATK *just* rated hand mixers. in fact, i just finished reading the report 10 minutes ago!

    The Top 3:
    - KitchenAid 7 Speed Mixer Model KHM7T ($67)
    - Braun MultiMix 4-in-1 Model M880 ($48.77)
    - Cuisinart PowerSelect 7-Speed Electronic Hand Mixer CHM-7 ($49.95)

    they did also recommend the less expensive Black & Decker PowerPro 25-Watt Motor Model MX300 ($20.99), but with the following caveats: "This mixer struggled some when mixing peanut butter cookie dough. Increased speed helped, but mixer still had to be pushed through dough, as beaters didn't grab it. We don't recommend using the spatula attachment that inserts alongside beaters. Horizontal speed adjustment was awkward to adjust and mixer vibrated a lot during use."

    hope that helps!

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      Please note that the review mentioned from ATK was first published in Dec. 2006. The KA is still available but I don't think the Braun model is (as nofunlatte noted).

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        really? thanks - i got the e-mail today so i assumed it was actually a recent review. silly me :)

    2. I love my Kitchenaid handmixer. It is a workhorse, and I always comment on how glad I am that I invested in it. It doesn't overheat, start to smell funky from overuse, or get mucked up too easily by dense stuff. While this is the only hand mixer I've ever owned, I've never had some of the problems that others complain of. Of course, it won't do some of the tasks of a stand mixer, but my apartment is too small for a stand mixer. With the kitchenaid handmixer, I get at least some of the functionality.

      1. Consumer Reports also likes KA, the UltraPower 5, 7 and Pro 9 are all top-rated, as is the cheaper Braun M880.

        1. I have had a Braun M880 for about 12 years or so and I love it! But I am not sure they are made any more (or maybe the US-compliant ones are no longer made). In that case, KA or Cuisinart sound like your best options (a friend of mine has a KA and likes it very much).

          1. After having used all manner of kitchen appliances up and down the spectrum, I've found that it's much better to save up and get the nice one. A well-made kitchen appliance is an absolute joy to use. A cut-rate one will get the job done, but can be a lot more frustrating to work around its various quirks. Go for the KitchenAid. At the least, look at the beaters. You want two beaters that don't have center posts. They do a better job and are easier to clean.

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            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              I agree with this completely. I think that you end up spending less in the long run because you won't be looking to upgrade or replace a sub par piece of equipment.

              I have the pro 9 KA which I bought when I replaced a cheaper model (can't remember what it was and I just sold it at a garage sale.) The cheapie did all the things others here said about such models - it overheated easily, and just couldn't power through very much at all. The KA on the other hand has been a real workhorse.