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Jul 10, 2009 07:51 AM

BYO/Low Corkage Ideas?

We have a nice bottle of CA Cabernet that we'd like to take to a restaurant. I know there are a number of places that are either always BYO or offering BYO or low corkage specials now. We're considering Dylan Prime (because steak would probably go well with the Cabernet), La Sirene (I really liked it but seems like it might not be the ideal setting to enjoy a high end wine), and Alto which we went to recently and really enjoyed, but I might like to do something else. Thoughts on these restaurants? Any other ideas for byo or low corkage (under $20)? I was considering Apiary but I'd rather do a Friday or Saturday than a Monday.

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  1. Tartine is very casual BYO in w. village. great steak au poivre but might not be as upscale as you are looking for. also may have to wait in line but i always bring a white to drink while in line

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      are you not worried about being ticketed by the cops? i got a ticket several months ago for drinking from a solo cup while sitting on my stoop.

    2. there is a website which has all the corkage fees.

      But if you have high end cabs steak is it so I'd go to Dylan Prime. La Sirense is actually very good but not what I would choose for cabs, maybe good burgs.

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        Thanks- I think we are going to do Dylan Prime. The only reason I hesitate is that we've heard some mixed reviews. Any recent experiences?

      2. Good to hear about Alto, which is where I may be taking my Kosta Browne to. I would consider the following: Union Square Cafe ($10 reduced corkage), Bar Blanc (Sundays only), The Modern (sundays) and Tabla.

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                You'll enjoy that no matter where you eat.

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                  Give it a long decant. You will be rewarded.

                  And that is definitely too good for Tartine. Steak Frites at La Sirene or Balthazar would be my choice