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Jul 10, 2009 07:46 AM

Unos and Due

Are they the same thing? When I Googled "Due" the Unos site popped up. If not, could someone tell me the difference? I'm curious. Thanks!

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  1. same ownership same original chicago style deep dish. located diagonally across the street from each other. IMHO there is no better chicago style than uno's/due's. this is what started it all and what everyone else tried to copy. do not confuse with the ubiquitous and horrible "uno's chicago" franchises.

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    1. re: biga290

      Thanks for the reply. Is there a difference in price or menu between the places? Atmosphere?

      1. re: jessicheese

        menu is the same. great "garbage" salad at both places. price at both is the same and is very reasonable considering the gold coast location. i prefer due's atmosphere but that is probably a function of habit. try them both and let me know what you think.

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          Uno's opened in 1943 in a brownstone (greystone?) building in the Gold Coast. Back then it was easier to expand to a nearby building than to try to try to buy out a neighbor or relocate altogether.

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            For some reason I prefer Due's to Uno's and have for over 40 years. Eating at Due's is a supreme treat for me and my family. About a year ago we went to Uno's with a large family group and the meal did not compare. I had to call the waiter over to ask what happened to the pizza - that it was not up to their earlier standard. Don

          2. re: jessicheese

            The main difference I have found between the two is how they cut their onions in their pizzas. We always order a pepperoni and onion pizza when we go (every couple of months or so), and Due's cooks slice their onions, while the times we've been to Uno, their onions were chopped. Makes for a different texture.

            Other than that, I have not noticed any difference other than the longer line at Uno's.

        2. Uno's invented deep-dish, and will always have that legacy going for them. For my money, Lou Malnati's is better these days. The wait time is considerably shorter too.

          Lou Malnati's Pizzeria (River North)
          439 N Wells St, Chicago, IL 60654

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          1. re: ms. chow

            Wait, Malnati's is worth talking about? Is anything there better? I mean, I wouldn't write home. To be fair, the crust was excellent.... But the rest of it... Meh.

          2. for uno or due, the pizza takes at least 45 min. from the time of your order. it is also very hard to get in without at least an hour of waiting. due's wait is slightly shorter than that of uno. i got in to due for lunch with 25 min. wait yesterday (it would have taken an hour for uno).

            i also prefer lou malnati's. it's less touristy, and the service is more attentive.

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            1. re: mountsac

              the kind of waits you describe at uno's/due's is really only on peak days and times. and there's a good reason there's sometime's a wait!!!