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Jul 10, 2009 07:43 AM

Breakfast Sandwiches - Tampa

I'm a fool for a good breakfast sandwich. Eggs cooked to order, top quality melted cheese, ham/sausage or bacon and a nice quality bread that holds up to it all. Seems like pressed is a popular option in this area but I also love a good egg sandwich on some hearty wheat toast. Anyway, where do you get your breakfast sandwiches? I am always on the hunt.

2 of my favorites:

Palm Avenue Sandwich Shop (corner of Palm and Nebraska)
I decided to check this little hole in the wall out after noticing a lot of workers from K-Force running across this slightly seedy intersection to get breakfast in the morning on my way to work. I get it now. Creamy scrambled like eggs, melty cheese (white or yellow) and a nice stack of thin sliced ham pressed on buttery cuban bread. You almost have to share this thing. I think that the whole thing could kill a man.

Loading Dock Sandwich Pub (downtown...look it up)
Just had my first breakfast sandwich there and it inspired this post. I ordered up ham egg and cheese on wheat toast. I got nice scrambled eggs, the perfect amount of american cheese, a beautiful stack of thin sliced ham and a few slices of thin sliced tomato. The wheat bread was thick and hearty and stood up well to all of the ingredients. This sandwich was huge but not so buttery and over the top that could ruin your day. It cost less than $4. I highly recommend it.

Anyway...anybody have any favorite breakfast sandwiches in the area that I have to try?

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  1. When I worked downtown I would occasionally treat myself to a ham, egg, and cheese on pressed Cuban at Spain Restaurant. I love breakfast Cubans.

    1. Here is a list of my favorite breakfast nooks in Tampa. Almost all of them I have had a breakfast sandwich and would receommend each of them a try...

      Pink Flamingo on Davis Island - gret breakfast sandwich on a biscuit
      Tahitian Inn - great breakfast burrito
      Pach's Place - great omelettes, ok biscuits but otherwise good sandwich
      Pipos - Best biscuits & gravy in Tampa (and I have tried them EVERYWHERE)
      they have great breakfast cubans too...ate here every wkd in a row for a year!
      Kalupas - great cheese cuban toast
      CIrcles brunch - everything i've had there is really good

      Do not receommend:
      Pinkys was ok, chef does not accomodate special requests.
      Datz - again food was ok, but everytime they have messed up my orders
      Brunchery - food was just ok - for soem reason ppl love this place though, not me

      Ive heard Wrights has great breakfast sandwiches...

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      1. re: tampa eater

        Those sandwiches at Datz are just too much. Ordered simple egg, cheese and bacon on a roll and was presented with a pile of top notch bacon, cheese and eggs that was so over the top, greasy and expensive that it almost made me sick. I see what they are trying to do but I really think they should back off a little.

        I had a nice breakfast at Pinky's a couple of weekends ago. Didn't get a sandwich but definitely seemed like a solid breakfast spot. Interesting news about the chef. The benedict was solid.

        I will check out a couple of those places on your list that I haven't tried.

        1. re: tampa eater

          I think Pinky's is terrific, high quality and an excellent value. Fresh, house-made hollandaise, top quality eggs (not those tiny metallic-tasting things that pass for eggs most places...). I think if you say something as general as "the chef does not accommodate special requests," you should give us specifics. Perhaps your request was impossible to accommodate, right?

          1. re: Miss E

            pinky's does make a damn good egg sandwich.

            1. re: Miss E

              Hi Miss E - the request was quite simple - switching a bread on the sandwich for another one they had on the menu and switching grits for home fries - not hard at all to accomodate. The waitress was actually scared to ask the chef and then came back and said the chef does not make substitutions and serves as listed on the menu. I also tried the oatmeal pancakes and felt they needed more flavor and tasted bland.

              1. re: tampa eater

                Hm, well, in that case, I'm with you, I don't get it. You get a choice of either grits or home fries with the omelets and frittatas, so I don't understand the issue there. Switching bread seems easy, too. Strange, b/c we always find the wait staff at Pinky's to be very friendly and accommodating; plus, we've seen the chef come out of the kitchen near closing time and hang out with the rest of the staff, and no one seemed scared of him!

                I have heard from many people that the oatmeal pancakes aren't great. I've never tried them, therefore! The regular and blueberry pancakes are awesome.

                1. re: Miss E

                  no, the oatmeal pancakes aren't good in my experience.

            2. re: tampa eater

              I ate at Pinky's probably about 9 months ago, the food was actually very good but I havnt been back because of the service(not very accomodating)

            3. I like the breakfast sandwiches at Don Pan, just north of the intersection of Kennedy and Dale Mabry. Also check out the toasted Cuban bread, with lots of butter, and the cafe con leche. My only criticism is that you have to tell them to back off on the sugar in the coffee, which is routinely served incredibly sweet.

              1. i woke up really wanting a good breakfast sandwich. I would not settle for garbage. Most of the breakfast places in town really aren't that good. On a lark, i decided to give Datz a try. The Babe-alicious was every bit as delicious as i hoped for. A big slab of ham browned a bit, thick enough not to get dried out, tough or salty. the eggs cooked perfectly. The spicy honey mustard was applied in a perfectlyt thin layer that did noit disrupt the other flavors. Even the flavor of the emmenthal cheese shone through. The sweet egg bread was appreciated, too. the potatoes on fruit salad were okay, but the sandwich was a real treat, perfectly cooked and proportioned. With a tall glass of iced tea, I was a happy man. Ten bucks total, but who cares? at least someone somehwere gets it. Breakfast should be a celebration of living, not a regular occasion to insult the noble egg.

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                1. re: andy huse

                  That sounds great...and I agree, breakfast should most definitely be a celebration of living but my breakfast sandwich experiences at Datz have sadly left me feeling lethargic and overfed.

                  Too much of a good thing can be...well, too much (for me, anyway). 5 strips of that super thick, awesome bacon is intimidating to even an eater such as myself and the grease from all of this bacon somehow managed to lightly coat the entire bun. The cheese was overpowering and the egg was barely noticeable under this pile of fat. 3 bites and I had to put it down. I didn't feel was all just too rich.

                  While I'm sure that your sandwich was every bit as good to you as your description, I've not had as good a time in my 3 visits. On your word, I will try yet again. Maybe even tomorrow. Perhaps I'm just on my own with this one. Glad people are so stoked on this place though.

                  1. re: digyourself

                    with the ham, it just worked, and didn't seem so heavy. but don't get me wrong, i was full!

                    small sandwiches would be nice. you could always ask for it cut in half, but there's no way i woujld have been able to stop. my will is weak.

                2. The Floridian on Kennedy has yummy breakfast sandwiches