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Oct 5, 2004 11:04 AM

Doug Arango?

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I have a gift certificate to Doug Arango in West Hollywood. It got a decent write up in LAT earlier this year, but was wondering if anyone had any comments or specific reccos.



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  1. Get the ribs. Delish.

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    1. re: Star

      are they beef or most likely baby back pork?

      1. re: kevin

        I believe they are pork. Actually, in this month's LA MAg, they gave a brief (albeit) technical description of DA's ribs: "Blanches to soften, seasons and roasts. Grills to order and paints with Jack's Barbecue sauce, which is made and delivered by Jack LaRoche, a retired chef of long standing in Palm Desert..."

        They fall off the bone, are incredibly flavorful. they're served with applesauce and cole slaw

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      There's also a very nice ravioli as I recall. Maybe pumpkin. But use your gift certificate soon. I heard a rumor they might not be around for long. Could be a totally inaccurate tale. But why risk it?

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      1. re: passthesauce

        We've been informed that this is inaccurate, and the restaurant has no intention of closing.

      2. I love love love Doug Arango's. At first glance, the interior is a bit tacky looking (my grandmother's furniture). Once I sat down with my party, the setting seemed to work. It's a great place to talk with friends without straining to hear what is said. The food is surprisingly amazing. The menu is an eclectic mix of mediterranean and something else I can't put my finger on. The food is definitely well thought out and every side on each dish seems to perfectly compliment the main course. One of my favorite spots that isn't a scene.

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        1. re: Foodjunky

          Totally agree. The food is delish.

        2. They also have the best veggie burger in town. And that ravioli is a butternut squash-- delicious.

          1. went there a couple of weeks ago on a saturday night with 6 people. everybody loved everything that they ate. rarely are such meals so successful. notably: scallops a few ways and the beet salad were great. I loved that the tables were far away from each other, it's a perfect place to actually have a dinner conversation. one downside, the decor is just thoughtless and sort of tacky, but the chairs are comfy and it feels clean and well thought out. nice wine selection too.