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Jul 10, 2009 05:30 AM

Sushi Zen-Where've You Been All My Life?

My office recently moved to Times Square. trying to make the most of being in food tourist hell I finally tried Sushi Zen which, given the location, I always assumed was no better than Benihana's. Boy was I wrong. Though chef Suzuki did not prepare my sashimi/sushi omakase, his right hand did a magnificent job. Wonderfully cut, fresh, interesting variety including sockeye salmon sashimi. The uni was delectable and once we sized each other up as being serious "afishionados' the chef did right by me. For dessert, the foie gras with daikon in broth was fantastic.

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  1. Glad you enjoyed it. Sushi Zen and Benihana shouldn't be put into the same sentence. Yeah, I noticed that they advertise in Lincoln Center programs and Broadway show programs, and that may give an erroneous indication to foodies that they are tourist traps. I prefer Yasuda as the value is a lot better, and I like the fish slightly more. Th cost at Sushi Zen can definitely add up if you order by the piece. But the sushi is pretty high quality, and if you're in the area, not a bad option. The chawan mushi there is very good as well.