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Keffir / Kefir Lime Leaves???

I am in the Philly suburbs near Wayne and King of Prussia. I have visited several local Asian grocers (even the big one in Lansdale) and cannot find Keffir / Kefir Lime leaves for my Thai cooking. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know I may buy on line frozen. I got a suggestion of a store near Penn in West Phila but would rather not have to drive into town. I tried to buy a tree on line but the places I found were sold out of their Kefir Lime trees.

So...where in the Western Philly suburbs might I find Keffir / Kefir Lime leaves? Thanks

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  1. you might also search for "kaffir" lime leaf.

    1. There was just an article about asian/hispanic grocers in the paper yesterday. I know one of the stores mentioned had them. Maybe 1st Oriental?

      1. it is helpful to go to the market and look in the freezer case for a little plastic bag. also, take a photo of the lime leaf. it helps to communicate.

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        1. Last time I was at Food Source in Bryn Mawr they had Kefir Lime Leaves. They're in the produce section if I remember near the the mushrooms.

          1. I have found them fresh in the produce section of the WF in Marlton, NJ. Maybe the WF on Lancaster in Devon has them? Worth a try, anyway.

            1. Importfoods.com sells fresh on line.

              1. Believe they have them at that Oriental Strip Mall Food Court around Cheltenham and Broad....I usually order online however. Thai Chicken Coconut Soup does not taste the same without them. They freeze well enough. It's kind of hard for me to believe that they don't stock this or galangal at Assi Market in North Wales.....they have everything else! Perhaps if enough people asked, they would carry them.

                1. I know this is not what you asked for but the easiest way, for me, to obtain these beauties is to order from importfood.com. It is a Thai produce and condiment place that I have ordered from for the last several years and have never had a complaint. I believe it was even recommended by Mark Bitten. The only reason I thought of it was I just got an email from them announcing new specials and a flat $5 mailing fee. That is when I usually place an order as I do a lot of Thai cooking. Hope this helps.

                  PS-I buy my leaves in bulk and then just freeze them. That way I never have to worry about availability. Here is the link: http://importfood.com/current071409.html

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                    I use this source as well and it's very good...purchased galangal and Kaffir leaves from them.

                  2. N/A at Whole Foods, Devon, The owner/waiter and his wife at Myuree said Wahington Avenue. Did not find at Alessi but communication was an issuez/

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                      They currently have them at food source in bryn mawr... i just bought some 2 days ago...

                    2. I buy mine from the Thai place in Reading Terminal Market and freeze them.

                      1. FYI...I bought a "kaffir" lime plant/tree on Washington Avenue between 15th and 16th! Froze my homemade green curry paste and am pretty happy with the results.

                        1. I found some today in the Wegman's Downingtown, they're n the produce section.

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                            That means I can pester my Wegman's to start carrying them, too. Awesome... Thanks for the head's up.

                          2. Often you will find them frozen at Asian markets (they freeze beautifully). In CC, Sue's at 18th and Sansom and Anastasio at 9th and Christian sell them fresh. Also, its KAFFIR. Thai cooking is incomplete without this ingredient for sure.