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Jul 10, 2009 05:00 AM

Keffir / Kefir Lime Leaves???

I am in the Philly suburbs near Wayne and King of Prussia. I have visited several local Asian grocers (even the big one in Lansdale) and cannot find Keffir / Kefir Lime leaves for my Thai cooking. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I know I may buy on line frozen. I got a suggestion of a store near Penn in West Phila but would rather not have to drive into town. I tried to buy a tree on line but the places I found were sold out of their Kefir Lime trees.

So...where in the Western Philly suburbs might I find Keffir / Kefir Lime leaves? Thanks

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  1. you might also search for "kaffir" lime leaf.

    1. There was just an article about asian/hispanic grocers in the paper yesterday. I know one of the stores mentioned had them. Maybe 1st Oriental?

      1. it is helpful to go to the market and look in the freezer case for a little plastic bag. also, take a photo of the lime leaf. it helps to communicate.

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        1. Last time I was at Food Source in Bryn Mawr they had Kefir Lime Leaves. They're in the produce section if I remember near the the mushrooms.

          1. I have found them fresh in the produce section of the WF in Marlton, NJ. Maybe the WF on Lancaster in Devon has them? Worth a try, anyway.