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Jul 10, 2009 04:12 AM

Wedding Spots in or around Rome


My fiance and i are thinking about getting married in Roma and we were looking of any advice regarding venues and FOOD! Our first thoughts were a winery but we are open to your experiences and suggestions!


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  1. Hi!
    Rome is a great place to get married, especially for the scenery. If I was to get married in Rome, there is a ville that is not to far from the Vatican City called Villa Miani. There, there is an inside hall and a large out door patio that would accomodate many people. Plus the view from this villa is spetacular. And the food is cooked by one of the greatest companies in Rome and it was delicious. I just recently went to a wedding there, and it was beautiful!

    1. I don't think you'll get anywhere with a local winery. Are you plannning a big wedding or an intimate wedding? There are many beautiful villas where you can have a catered event, but if you have fewer than about 35 guests, you might prefer a restaurant.

      1. Years ago, on my first trip to Rome, I was taken to a restaurant for lunch called Casina Valadir. It was located in a villa on the edge of the Borghese Gardens with a view of the city below that was unbelieveable and we ate in a sort of covered indoor/outdoor porch of sorts. Someone (Italian) was having a wedding which I peaked to see, on the top floor of the villa. I am still single, but used to fantasize about having a wedding there. I am going to Rome at the end of the week and plan to go back for lunch. . . having no idea how the place is now/or has changed. Here is the info I saw on the restaurant Casina Valadier, Piazza Bucarest 00187 Roma, Roma (Latium), Italy. 06 6992 2090 open sunday they have a website or just google the name. I am not a Roman, but I've been to some pretty spectacular weddings (living in LA and with some association with the entertainment biz) and . . . I thought it was "real" but very very nice.