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Jul 10, 2009 01:47 AM

Of Rice and Peas

I need to know what is dried rice, dried beans and dried peas. What are they called in Indian languages and where in India can I get them? I googled but in vain. Have seen too many images but no use. I need this info fast if anyone can help.

Thnks to anyone who can help.
Unknown Warrior

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  1. There are several hundred "Indian Languages". Please narrow down your request by an order of magnitude.

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    1. re: KiltedCook

      Either of Hindi / Marathi / Punjabi / Gujrati or Sindhi will do :-)

    2. Like I said in your other thread:

      You have been confused by a translation. "Dry rice" is the rice you will buy in every market in India; it's just rice. Somewhere the writer of the survival book / website that you picked up this info has just added the word 'dry', probably to denote that it is easy to store - doesn't need refrigeration or special storage and will last you well past the coming Armageddon or whatever...

      So just buy the same rice that your mom or wife or girlfriend has always purchased at every market in India (when I was in India it was everywhere). Same goes for the beans and peas.


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      1. re: legourmettv

        I think the OP is looking for a pre-cooked, dried rice product (like Minute Rice in the US). Precooked rice can be rehydrated with only water to yield a "cooked" (but probably not that tasty) product. Soaking regular rice would result it.... wet raw rice (also not tasty but not particularly digestible either).

        1. re: chococat

          Is this precooked thing pricier than regular raw rice? How much is it in the US?