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Jul 10, 2009 01:09 AM

Roti Joupa - Clapham North Station [London]

West Indian takeaway, food from Trinidad.

Been here a few times as I have been working with a friend around the corner.

When it's busy the atmosphere is fantastic. I love to sit quietly and listen to the West Indian accent.

Have tried the doubles a number of times. They are delicious. But my favourite is the bus up shot, a broken up roti bread served with a curry and some sweet tamarind sauce.

The food is great when they are busy and serve it super fresh - ask for your bus up shot freshly made.

I wasn't so impressed with the curries so stick to the breads and the snacks (doubles etc) and enjoy!

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  1. I've written about Roti Joupa before - I love the roti's, especially with the hot sause, they really seem to have a following.

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    1. re: Nii

      they sure do..

      the other night i was in the area and an hour and a half early for dinner at a friends house, so i went in and sat and chatted to the guys and the customers for the 90 miinutes. People were coming from all over, including Uxbridge. They are so friendly and the roti (bus up shot) is just so good

      I double checked and its the side orders that most people get:

      - hot doubles
      - poulerie
      - alou pie
      - macaroni pie

      I love it - next I've got to get myself to Trinidad!!

    2. Folks, thanks for this tip. I manufactured a reason to be in the area yesterday and very much enjoyed my roti filled with chicken curry and hot pepper sauce. For afters, I bought some "kurma', kind of fried bread sticks flavoured with sugar and ginger, pretty good. Need to go back and try the bus up shot plus the various sides.

      Was intrigued by one of the "order ahead" items namely curried mango, have either of you (or anyone else) tried this item?

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      1. re: oonth

        no but very keen to - you've just inspired me perhaps i will tomorrow night

        did you get the doubles?

        the other week i had the sweet bread which was pretty good as well

        1. re: feelinfoodie

          went there the other day. had the bus up shot with a goat curry. was pretty decent but the roti wasnt fresh, which was a bit disappointing.

          will go back again though..

          1. re: foreignmuck

            Ate there last year and thought the goat curry roti was only ok, but would like to go back to try their doubles.

            1. re: limster


              you have to ask the very kindly :-) them to serve you the hot roti - they store it in a kind of styrofoam container for busy periods and it does cool down... i wait around for 10 minutes sometimes to make sure i get it hot... and if the guy who prepares the roti is not working at the time i skip it altogether and go for the doubles

              limster i agree the curries aren't great - nothing special

              1. re: feelinfoodie

                thanks, noted...
                so what is the best thing to order in your opinion, if the curries arn't up to much, (aside from doubles)?

                1. re: foreignmuck

                  The Trinidadian side orders are the best

                  - hot doubles
                  - poulerie
                  - alou pie
                  - macaroni pie
                  - sweet bread

                  I also love the bus-up shot by itself when hot...

                  And I sometimes get the bus-up shot with one of the vegetarian curries... The curries aren't too bad, it's just that the they are not worth travelling for, whereas the bus-up shot and doubles and poulerie are in my opinion


                  hope this helps and ENJOY!!!

                  1. re: feelinfoodie

                    Thanks, i;ll check.
                    actually its fine as its one of the few places that are very near home!