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Jul 10, 2009 12:53 AM

Best Frozen Yogurt For a Real Yogurt Snob?

I'm a Bay Area transplant, home of delicious organic, local ingredients, natural, house-made frozen yogurt, and I have been terribly disappointed with my finds here. The biggest trends seem to be the Great Three: Pinkberry, Red Mango, and Yogurtland, but they all taste pretty artificial/too sweet to me. If I wanted something really sweet for dessert, I'd just have gelato or iced cream, thank you very much.

I find myself yearning for frozen yogurt that was like Fraiche in Palo Alto. It was the perfect amount of tart, sweet, and frozen, all rolled up into one, happy cultured ball. It was also great because their yogurt was organic and made only with natural ingredients--and, their topping selection rocked (a huge block of E. Guittard chocolate, shaved onto your order? Hell yeah).

I've been reading that sno:LA in Beverly Hills offers this kind of relief for a yogurt elitist like myself. How does this place fare? Do you guys have any other suggestions for a local yogurt parlor that doesn't taste like I just swallowed sweetened plastic/bucket-loads of Splenda?

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        1. I agree with all the posters. I too am originally from San Francisco, born and raised. Been in LA since 1996. Please take away your snobbiness and look at what is available here that up north can't hold a candle to. Ethnic restaurants, year round produce, weather, etc. That being said, now that the hype is somewhat over, Pinkberry just did a redo on their flavors. Now they offer Coconut, Passionfruit and Pomegranite. They are all wonderful for what they are, frozen yogurt. If you are really craving something stellar then try making some yourself with Fage and adding flavors to your specifications. There are many things that you can't get here that you can get there and visa versa. But you are selling yourself short of all the amazing culinary delights that are uniquely LA and SoCal by not adapting to your new environment. True food lovers are those that don't get stuck in their ways and espouse the wonders of organic ingredients, etc. while demanding that it be exactly the same as where they come from. Expand your palate my friend and be pleasantly surprised - bounty awaits.

          1. re: foodforus

            Heh, I kind of knew that introducing myself as a Bay Area transplant would be seen as largely misrepresentative--maybe I should've gone with my hunch and edited accordingly.

            Let me start over--I'm actually an LA-native-transferred-to-Bay-Area-transplanted-back-to-LA. And, no, I'm not from San Francisco--I've never lived in the city, so I could never have the pleasure of calling myself that. I don't associate myself with any cultures of California--I simply think of myself as purely Californian, since, guess what? I can see the good AND bad of both regions, and I love both for what they are. I think people who are strictly one or the other are the ones who need to re-center themselves.

            Back to the topic that is actually relevant:
            I was just asking for good frozen yogurt, stuff that isn't made from artificial ingredients. If no such thing exists, I'd have happily accepted a response of, "No such thing exists here," instead of, "Go back from whence you came, you elitist snob, you."

            It's not like there ISN'T Pinkberry/Red Mango/Yogurtland in the Bay Are, either--there are just a lot of independently owned yogurt shops, and I know the same exists for LA. I am looking for pointers, here, people. I'm sure your frozen yogurt palates expand beyond just the Corporate Trifecta--and that is exactly what I seek.

            And, way to be presumptious about my "palate," simply based on one post I made about (for crying out loud) frozen yogurt. I've never made mention of what I think of LA cuisine/food in general. Just because I crave frozen yogurt that was made from natural and organic ingredients, does not mean I don't adore bacon-wrapped hot dogs, street tacos, Persian delicacies, the abundance of brunch places, or the plethora of other food here--fine, street, and everything in between.

            1. re: meloncollie

              sno:laon Beverly Drive is the only organic froyo that I know of in SoCal. I've been there on 2 occasions and I wasn't a huge fan of the plain tart which is all I've had. The toppings at sno:la might be more up your alley. They are definitely more refined than the regular fruit, cereal and chocolate toppings you get everywhere else. The parking was a nightmare but that was before the hotel was completed. For my money the best pure tasting of the froyo is Red Mango plain tart and CeFiore pineapple tart.

              1. re: js76wisco

                Thanks! I guess I'll only know by trying it out myself.
                I actually do like Red Mango the most of the three--I've found Yogurtland's flavors to be ... less than stella? In my humblest opinion, of course.

                I've heard that Twist is good too? (on Santa Monica and Colby)
                What bout that Fro-go place on Wilshire?
                These are merely places that I drive by, so I have no idea how they taste :D

                1. re: meloncollie

                  If you get out to the Thousand Oaks/ Westlake area, or West Hills, , try Yozen Frogurt.....she makes her own yogurt mix, I think. Not to be confused with the local yokels Frogen Yozurt or Yogen Frozurt.

                  Yozen Frogurt
                  2900 Townsgate Rd, Westlake Village, CA

              2. re: meloncollie

                In your favor meloncollie, and for many reasons, I am NOT a fan of most new-fangeld yogurt shops. So, I'll pass along a place I do like and you can judge for yourself.
                Farm Boy. I go to the one in Sherman Oaks 14107 Riverside Dr./Woodman in the same plaza as Trader Joes. The yogurt is more tart than sweet, esp. if you get the plain. The fruit flavors are good tho too. (Sometime I mix). The owners of this Farm Boy (Korean) buy their plain yogurt from Trader Joes next door and put it into their machines. They also take their fresh fruits and add. I really like the mango. They also have a condiment bar so you can add what YOU like. If you like sushi-get it there too. They also make great Korean staples and Japanese miso - fresh everyday! Good Luck. And, quite frankly, I think LA chower's have their own level of snobbiness too - Enjoy

                1. re: Kitchen Queen

                  Farm Boy's sushi is real, real good.

                2. re: meloncollie

                  i've never been to Fraiche in palo alto, so i can't compare, but fwiw, the only frozen yogurt i eat here in LA is snola on beverly. imho, the others don't hold a candle to it.

            2. hey meloncollie,

              i personally love Sierra Cup in Monrovia. You didn't specify an area but if you're ever in the SG valley, take a visit to SC and see what you think.


              1. Humphrey Yogurt in Sherman Oaks (on Van Nuys Blvd. between Moorpark & Fwy in Gelson's shopping center). Great fresh quality yogurt, both sweet & tart, w/ your choice of mix-in ingredients.