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Jul 9, 2009 10:02 PM

non chain, orlando fast food

What's out there, I've been to Cappy's (many times), but where are there good burgers, sandwiches, dogs, or?????

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  1. Best dogs in O' Town, Hot Dog Heaven on east SR 50 just a block or two west of SR 436. Very good Chicago dogs. My favorite for fast food fries.

    Stay away from Chubbies on 17-92 Maitland, another Chicago dog based place. Not very tasty, dogs, burgers or beef.

    Can't rcall the name but for Gyros, Swarma and subs, there is a place in the plaza at SR50 & 436, northeast corner plaza. They make pretty good grilled subs and gyros, some philly style.

    1. best philly cheesesteak is at brianto's in avalon park!

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        I know everyone is entitled to their opinion, but having the cheesesteak there today, and having it be so horrible, I'm not sure how anyone could seriously recommend this place. Just b/c this crappy cheesesteak is better than the even crappier cheesesteaks around here, it doesn't warrant being recommended IMO.

        1. re: Corporate_40

          i thought it was great ... I ' ll have to try La Spada some time. Maybe it is because the only reference point I've had is philly connection etc :(

      2. Beefy King! I can't even believe I'm the first one to suggest it.

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          It's been 11 years since I moved away and I still miss that place.

        2. how about banh mi in viet town, those are non chain and fast food (around 3 dollars each)

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            I was just about to suggest banh mi. Ba Le, Pho 88, and Lollicup (although they are a chain) have the best in my opinion.

          2. Burgers:

            Johnny's fillin station

            The Taproom at dubstread

            Hot Dog Heaven are the best in town, as covered by others.

            Gabriel's subs
            2242 Aloma Ave
            Winter Park, FL 32792
            (407) 622-2525

            Lawless subs
            445 W State Road 436
            Altamonte Spgs, FL 32714-4107
            (407) 774-1136

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            1. re: winechic

              i'll give you hot dog heaven, even though the sausage king on orange and central makes a mean dog after the clubs let out. i have been to johnny's and i don't know what the big deal is. to me, they use cheap meat and it doesn't even taste seasoned. last week i went to graffiti junktion in thornton park and had the best burger in orlando. hand formed patties, nice portuguese/italian bun, and a list of toppings that meets any craving. my brother and i split 2, one with blue cheese and bacon(my favorite), the other with chili,cheese,bacon, sour cream, and a fried egg. both were really tasty. i've heard great things about chilango's mexican in longwood, and they fact they serve tounge makes me more excited to go. anything is better than tijuana flats.

              1. re: winechic

                Gabriel's Subs on Aloma closed, but they're is still the long standing Gabriel's subs on Edgewater in College Park.