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Best Sandwich in Portland?

Could I please get some help? I'll be in town for a couple days next week, and am a sandwich junkie. Hot or cold, quirky or traditional, just as long as the quality is high and it isn't a chain. For those familiar with Seattle, I'm thinking Paseo and Salumi. Anything like that in Portland?

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  1. Bunk, Meat Cheese Bread, East moreland Kitchen and Market, Kenny and Zukes, An Xuyen all will fit the bill.

    1. Kenny and Zuke has the best pastrami west of Katz. Try a pastrami or Reuben, come hungry.

      1. Reuben at Kenny & Zuke (they make own pastrami). 3-6 pm weekdays they have $6 sliders!
        Fontina/mushroom/caramelized onion at Bunk.
        Bahn Mi at Best Baguette or An Xuyen.

        1. Just a few off the top of my head: Meat Cheese Bread has a pretty amazing asparagus sandwich right now, with a soft boiled egg and bacon relish. Foster and Dobbs has a sandwich with mole salami, cheddar, and tomato jam that's pretty nice. I also had a lamb sandwich from Laurelhurst market that I liked a lot. There's really been an explosion of high quality sandwich places around town recently, so it's actually pretty difficult to narrow it down.

          I don't think there's anything quite like Salumi in Portland, although Laurelhurst Market uses a lot of house-cured meats.

          I thought that Sauce Supreme had a good article on his site a while ago that had a really nice sampling of sandwiches around town, but I can't find it now.

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            My favorite sandwiches:
            Best Baguette's Saigon Bacon Banh Mi
            Bunk Sandwich's Roasted Pork Shoulder
            K&Z's Ken Special
            Clyde Common's "Rich Girl" Po Boy

            I've become less and less of a fan of Paseo lately, especially after Bunk.

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              Whoa, that is high praise about Bunk. I'm going to try to check it out this weekend after your comparison to Paseo!

          2. Meat, Cheese, Bread
            Kenny & Zuke's Deli
            Kenny & Zuke's Sandwichworks (different than the deli, but go to the deli too for the pastrami and/or chopped liver)
            Laurelhurst Market
            Eastmoreland Market
            Little T's American Bakery
            Binh Minh or An Xuyen for banh mi

            1. the BEST "sandwich" ive ever ever ever eaten is the "Reggie" at pine state biscuits . but whether or not it's YOUR idea of a sandwich is individual. i also love the bahn mi at best Baguette in beaverton.

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                I personally go straight for the McIsley when I go to Pine State Biscuits.

                I would say Bunk does do the best sandwiches consitantly and across their entire menu. That said, they are HEAVY, decadant, rich, need-a-nap-afterwards, sandwiches. For a great, lighter, no-need-for-a-cardiologists-permission slip, sandwich, My go to is either Best BaguetteI(saigon bacon banh mi) or MeatCheeseBread(roast beef and horseradish).

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                  Truly a source of local pride, how far our town has gone in only a couple of years in the realm of sandwichland: Bunk, K & Z, and MCB are all pretty new.

                  Another vote for Pine State Biscuit! Find them on SE Belmont or at the Portland Farmers' Market Saturday AM Portland State U.

                  Captainlou, you are certainly hitting PDX at the right time!
                  Please report back.

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                    I know what you mean about Bunk but you gotta admit the Saigon Bacon isn't exactly a light sandwich itself.

                    Had a pretty kickass braised pork belly sandwich tonight at Beaker and Flask.

                    Laurelhurst had an open faced pork cheek confit sandwich that I do want to check out, but I'm not sure if it's still on the menu. I also haven't been there for lunch yet either, but their butcher case rocks a whole different menu than dinner. Toro Bravo has a BLT that's supposed to be pretty effing awesome, too, and I need to check that out as well.

                    Portland is certainly in a sandwich craze at the moment. And fried pies, it seems.

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                      Just went and tried the fried pies and, while there, a friend was telling me about the meatball sandwich at Garden State food cart in Sellwood. I haven't been there but he said it's one of the best sandwiches he's ever eaten. Next on my list!