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Jul 9, 2009 09:01 PM

Best Sandwich in Portland?

Could I please get some help? I'll be in town for a couple days next week, and am a sandwich junkie. Hot or cold, quirky or traditional, just as long as the quality is high and it isn't a chain. For those familiar with Seattle, I'm thinking Paseo and Salumi. Anything like that in Portland?

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  1. Bunk, Meat Cheese Bread, East moreland Kitchen and Market, Kenny and Zukes, An Xuyen all will fit the bill.

    1. Kenny and Zuke has the best pastrami west of Katz. Try a pastrami or Reuben, come hungry.

      1. Reuben at Kenny & Zuke (they make own pastrami). 3-6 pm weekdays they have $6 sliders!
        Fontina/mushroom/caramelized onion at Bunk.
        Bahn Mi at Best Baguette or An Xuyen.

        1. Just a few off the top of my head: Meat Cheese Bread has a pretty amazing asparagus sandwich right now, with a soft boiled egg and bacon relish. Foster and Dobbs has a sandwich with mole salami, cheddar, and tomato jam that's pretty nice. I also had a lamb sandwich from Laurelhurst market that I liked a lot. There's really been an explosion of high quality sandwich places around town recently, so it's actually pretty difficult to narrow it down.

          I don't think there's anything quite like Salumi in Portland, although Laurelhurst Market uses a lot of house-cured meats.

          I thought that Sauce Supreme had a good article on his site a while ago that had a really nice sampling of sandwiches around town, but I can't find it now.

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            My favorite sandwiches:
            Best Baguette's Saigon Bacon Banh Mi
            Bunk Sandwich's Roasted Pork Shoulder
            K&Z's Ken Special
            Clyde Common's "Rich Girl" Po Boy

            I've become less and less of a fan of Paseo lately, especially after Bunk.

            1. re: SauceSupreme

              Whoa, that is high praise about Bunk. I'm going to try to check it out this weekend after your comparison to Paseo!

          2. Meat, Cheese, Bread
            Kenny & Zuke's Deli
            Kenny & Zuke's Sandwichworks (different than the deli, but go to the deli too for the pastrami and/or chopped liver)
            Laurelhurst Market
            Eastmoreland Market
            Little T's American Bakery
            Binh Minh or An Xuyen for banh mi