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Jul 9, 2009 08:08 PM

Visiting ...from Toronto

So on my last trip to Montreal (to attend the beer festival)...I went to:
-La Banquaise
-Jean Talon Market
-Atwatter Market

This time around, I want to go to:
-another poutine place
-pied du cochon
-back to Jean Talon Market (coz I was in heaven there).
-something else unique.

I brought back to Toronto, some fantastic beer, a great butter, some unique spruce beer,
cheese and Im sure I will find other goodies this time around too.

Suggestions are welcome. i.e another poutine place, and something else unique.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. • Another poutine place: Ma'am Bolduc
    • Au Pied De Cochon
    • Something unique: Wilensky's Light Lunch (a Montreal institution), Petit Alep (near Jean Talon market), Reservoir (for brunch + beers)

    And since you like beer, I suggest you head over to Vices & Versa, a lovely pub that has dozens of local microbrewery beers on tap.

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    1. re: mainsqueeze

      Realize that Wilensky's is open mon-wed 11-4 only.

      1. re: porker

        I'm pretty sure i've been there on Thursdays and Fridays.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          Yeah, being the knucklehead, I meant to write mon-fri....

        2. re: porker

          Some shots of Wiiensky's

      2. For other unique experiences:
        - La Bottega (on St-Zotique and St-Dominique not far from the Market) for authentic Napolitan style pizza.
        - Kitchen Gallery (on Jean-Talon near St-Dominique) small restaurant with market fresh menu, owned and run uniquely by chefs, no waiters.
        - Laloux (on Pine Avenue and Laval) the best French bistro with the most authentic decor.
        - Cluny (for lunch in Old Montreal's Multimedia district, on Prince street) Placed in an old Foundary, part art gallery, part restaurant, communal tables made out of old bowling alleys. Great lunch food, save room for the chocolate cake!
        - Pintxos (Roy corner Laval) tapas from the northern region of Spain, a true small Montreal neighborhood restaurant

        Other food things:
        -Les chocolats de Chloé: best chocolate maker in Montreal, each chocolate is made by hand and the flavours are unique. Right next door to Pied de Cochon.
        - Camillia Senisis: accross the street from Jean-Talon Market, on Casgrain Street. Specialized only in teas, worth a visit even if you're not a tea drinker.
        - Les Touilleurs: (on Laurier near St-Urbain) upscale kitchenware store and cooking
        - Quincaillerie Dante: (on Dante corner St-Dominique, south of the Jean-Talon Market) half kitchenware store, half hunting gear... very great place
        - Roma: (on St-Laurent near Dante) italian bakery, go for square baker's pizza, get the original tomatoe variety. The squishiest goodness, very addictive
        - La Vieille Europe: (St-Laurent near Shwartz) european grocery store, lots of great take home finds.

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        1. re: nanbread

          Thanks nanbread for your suggestions. Unfortuanately I am now back in Toronto but will be back in Montreal again and will bring your list with me!!

          I just wrote a report of my experience ( a good one..LOL).

          Didnt make it to Wilensky's ..I wanted to but I was still full from dinner.
          NEXT TIME.

          Thanks again, for everyone's suggestions.